Settling for Biden in 2020

“Biden is unlikely to stray left, but he’s also unlikely to ever wander off the right-wing deep end.” Joe Biden, champion of the status quo, has won the Democratic presidential nomination. What does that mean for the people who supported his party rivals?

‘Rona and Me

“You may be thinking to yourselves, ‘surely we aren’t as vulnerable as cavemen,’ and technically you would be right, but there are still several habits we have that align perfectly with our extinct brethren.” Contributor Bailey McOwen isn’t happy with her peers’ reckless behavior, but has made the most of her time at home. Read her thoughts on staying home this semester and having to adjust to a new normal.

States Can Spur Congressional Reform Sans Amendment

Assistant Opinion Editor Patrick Healy sets out a state-centered plan to help third parties and fix Congress in the process. “Support for reform measures such as capped campaign contributions and term limits is high, but many of these issues can’t be solved with piecemeal legislation requiring improbable constitutional amendments. Instead, structural issues like dark money, two-party control of government, and even gerrymandering can be decreased with electoral reform passed by state legislatures.”