Three podcasts that are worth a listen

Podcasts have been a staple in people’s quarantine lives, and Managing Editor Steph Wetzel provides readers three different recommendations for podcast-lovers to check out.

Podcasts offer a great way to wind down and learn something new from knowledgeable and entertaining hosts (Unsplash)

The hosts of the true crime and paranormal podcast “And That’s Why We Drink,” Christine Schiefer and Em Schulz, have always had an interest in ghost stories and Steven King novels. Their goofy personalities match up perfectly. The hosts post new episodes every Sunday, including murder mysteries and paranormal activities that lead them to drink. Schiefer’s go-to is usually boxed wine, while Schulz typically opts for a milkshake. 

The two hosts need something to calm their nerves after reading true crime and ghost stories that they research themselves: their catch phrase is “The world’s a scary place. And that’s why we drink!”

On one of their most recent episodes, Episode 212, the two talked about QAnon and cult activity along with the Snowtown murders. They will also occasionally upload episodes titled “Listener Stories,” episodes entirely dedicated to stories that their listeners have researched and submitted themselves.

This podcast, though it can be gruesome and chilling, provides fascinating stories and hilarious banter between the two hosts. It’s recommended for those who enjoy horror movies or even episodes of 20/20. 

“Snacks Daily,” a podcast from Robinhood Financial hosted by Jack Kramer and Nick Martell, provides listeners with episodes no longer than 20 minutes on what is going on in the business world. They describe it as “digestible financial news.”

The episodes are educational in an entertaining way. It mimics a radio talk show. They keep you updated with what’s going on in the news while also finding ways to input their own perspectives and witty humor. 

Anyone who has any interest in business or the economy would benefit from listening to these two hosts and the useful yet amusing information they have to offer. 

Kristen McAtee and Alex Koot are the hosts of the advice and wellness podcast “Oddvice.” The two hosts are childhood best friends but have each lived very different lives. They post two new episodes each week. The first episode, posted each Monday, is about their own personal experiences; the second episode, posted Thursdays, is about experiences from their listeners. Sometimes listeners are just looking to share a funny story, and sometimes they are seeking advice from the two hosts.

Topics that the podcast has covered so far include their experiences with getting tattoos, discovering self love and confidence, keeping secrets and “girl code,” financial tips and more. It’s clear just by listening to their conversations that these two are best friends. It’s also clear that they truly care about their listeners and want to offer them the best life advice possible, even if it means sharing personal, bad experiences, too. 

Each podcast mentioned serves a different purpose, but one thing they have in common is their cast of entertaining and lively hosts. All of these are recommended to those who are looking for something new to listen to on their commute to school, during their workout or while procrastinating their online work. 

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