New dining services receive positive feedback from students

Canisius students are very happy with the food they are offering at Shoppe120 and The Pick Up.

Dining hall manager Kenneth Schwab said they have been receiving positive feedback about The Pick Up and Shoppe120. (Syndey Zuech)

The Pick Up and Shoppe120 have been successful in terms of student turnout since their opening this semester. Both spots opened under the new Penfold-Gareis Fitness Center. Kenneth Schwab, the dining hall manager, and Carey McCormick, catering director, have been receiving positive feedback from students. They have a comment box outside of Shoppe120 where they receive plenty of positive notes. 

“We have also had many positive comments about The Pick Up and its various offerings. Sales for The Pick Up have been exceeding the sales from our previous Iggy’s concept we offered through the Boost mobile app,” Schwab said. 

The team is still working on a few new ideas for next semester. They have a set plan for after Easter, which includes bubble tea at Shoppe120. “We think it’s the perfect pairing for the spring weather,” Schwab said. 

Some of their food options seem to be more popular than others. Milkshakes seem to be the most popular item for Shoppe120. Many editors on The Griffin enjoy their milkshakes on a Thursday night while putting the paper together. 

The Pick Up’s most popular items — specifically for this month — include chicken fingers and fries, mozzarella sticks and the chipotle chicken avocado sub. 

They have been hosting specialty dinners each month which they mentioned have been very popular. February’s Valentine’s weekend dinners were also a huge success, and is one of the ideas that they expanded on. The expansion of this idea includes their Spring Break Tropical Staycation Dinners, which ended March 21. 

Canisius students have been very pleased with the food options available. Senior Sage Pollack said, “Shoppe 120 has been such a great addition to campus. My favorite thing to get are the milkshakes. I honestly go way too much, and what’s nice about it is the flavors change so I know there will always be something new I can try.”

“For Shoppe120, the smoothies are really good,” freshman Sarah Lynch said. “They are very flavorful and there are a lot of options to choose from.” 

“The students seem to really enjoy the specialty food and atmosphere we have created, and I think they appreciate the “change of pace” that each set of dinners has provided,” Schwab said. They have upcoming changes which they encourage students to check out this April. 

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