Ignatian Scholarship Day 2021 will be a fully virtual event

Ignatian Scholarship Day will be a fully virtual event which will be featured on a website created by the Center for Online Learning and Innovation (COLI). Students and faculty will be able to view and participate in this celebratory event by signing onto the Canisius portal and heading to the Academic Affairs community page.

A total of 55 projects were submitted and endorsed for Ignatian Scholarship Day 2021. (Sarah Lynch)

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Canisius’s 14th annual Ignatian Scholarship Day will be a fully virtual celebration of a total of 55 student projects that were submitted and endorsed.

From April 19 through 23, participants’ projects will be uploaded, and each participant will hold a scheduled question and answer session about their project. There will also be a pre-recorded video for each project.

“It’s kind of exciting to do it this way. I’ve never had to do it before,” Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Director of the Office of Event Services Connie Pileri said.

The last time they held an Ignatian Scholarship Day in person was 2019. In 2020, Pileri said she had to publish all of the projects in one compilation due to the coronavirus pandemic.

To create this year’s fully virtual event, Pileri worked with the Center for Online Learning and Innovation (COLI) to create a website for Ignatian Scholarship Day. Pileri said that, because the Canisius portal can be hard to navigate sometimes, they decided to create a more accessible website. 

Students or faculty can view this website by signing into the portal and then go to the tab for Academic Affairs. Everyone with a Canisius ID will have access to this website.

Pileri has also been working in conjunction with Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Jennifer Lodi-Smith, who suggested that they should do a virtual conference. Pileri said Lodi-Smith guided her throughout the process.

“My challenge was the timing. You know, we’re trying to give people enough time to upload the projects, submit their applications and then mentally prepare to host a Q&A, so that’s the most challenging thing: the timing on it,” Pileri said.

The deadline to submit projects was actually extended a week, since many mentors reached out to request more time to help students prepare their work. 

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