HANSA Workspace, a space for those looking to be productive

Looking for a quiet place to get work done for the day? HANSA Workspace is available for renting offices and desks and provides students with a quiet area to be productive and get work done

HANSA Workspace rents out office space: people can sign up by visiting their website or calling their number

Trying to stay motivated has been a challenge for so many individuals this past year, between students moving their schoolwork online and many of those working remotely in the workforce. Leaving one’s home or dorm room to visit the Canisius library or a local used to be an easy opportunity for productivity, but with many beloved studying spots now having adjusted hours because of COVID-19, it has even been challenging to simply find a place to go. 

HANSA Workspace is a building with private offices and meeting rooms. They describe themselves as a professional shared office space as well as a modern coworking community. The company was started by Uniland Development Company here in Buffalo. They offer private office spaces and office suites for larger parties to gather and — hopefully — get more work done. The word “hansa” is Latin for guild: the company’s website defines this as people who come together for a common purpose.  

Their meeting rooms could suit just about anyone, and they also have a podcast studio for those looking for something more than just a desk or a quiet area to get some work done. Their website states that “this dynamic and productive environment is what we call ‘an elevated office experience.’” Their spaces can safely hold up to 25 people. 

HANSA Workspace offers three booking options to those who are interested: a tour, a day pass or a meeting room. Students have the option to book a daily coworking desk for $20 or can rent an office for that day for $60. Desks start at $20 per day and $225 per month. 

Like most businesses recently, HANSA Workspace has taken COVID-19 guidelines seriously. They require those who are visiting to wear masks and to social distance, a precaution enhanced by the large spaces. They also offer touchless check-in, hand sanitizer and frequently clean the workspaces. 

Some of the benefits that HANSA offers include printing and copying, an on-site support team, seminars and networking, a meditation room, changing rooms with showers and more. 

The Association of Women and Men in Communication (AWMC), one of the clubs on campus, plans to take a tour of this space as one of their events this semester. These Canisius students will be able to observe the new space firsthand.

Whether it be one student going to finish an essay for class or an entire team from a company looking to find a quiet space for a meeting, this company has options suitable for both. Most businesses and individuals understand how difficult this past year has been for our productivity and motivation. HANSA Workspace is one company providing people with a countless number of resources and support to make getting work done even just a little easier.

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