Griffin editors share their go-to breakfast restaurants in Buffalo

Athena’s serves up delicious breakfasts like this classic eggs, ham, potatoes, and toast (Julia Barth/The Griffin)

The first thing just about everyone does in the morning is eat breakfast, and, occasionally, we treat ourselves and eat out. Buffalo is known for its amazing food and the many different places it has to offer. Editors from The Griffin share some of their favorite breakfast spots around Buffalo in hopes we can suggest one you may love. 

Alexis Agee: Squeeze

A fan favorite smoothie bowl at Squeeze is “The Afternoon Delight” (Alexis Agee/The Griffin)

After moving here from Ohio to go to school, I took these past four years to find a breakfast spot that is both satisfying and healthy. Squeeze is located on Elmwood Avenue and serves the best smoothie bowls around. As a creature of habit I grab the same bowl every time: the afternoon delight. This is an açai bowl with bananas, blueberries, and almond milk blended in, with banana, strawberries and their homemade granola sitting on top. Each bite will leave you feeling refreshed and once you’re finished you feel ready to go for the rest of your day. Squeeze also serves smoothies, juices, salads and health shots. So if you are looking to start your day with a refreshing smoothie bowl Squeeze is the place to go.

Julia Barth: Athena’s 

Athena’s is a family-owned Greek restaurant located in Tonawanda; in my opinion, it serves up one of the best breakfasts in Buffalo. They offer a wide range of breakfast options, but my go-to is the “Number 2” which consists of two eggs, two pieces of toast, home fries and a choice of sausage, bacon or ham. I’ve been getting this breakfast for probably five years now and it never disappoints. The home fries are the best I’ve ever had and their eggs are always cooked to perfection. Another plus is how fast breakfast is served and the warm nature of the employees. I definitely recommend Athena’s to anyone looking for a delicious breakfast in a family-friendly diner atmosphere. 

Steph Wetzel: Mardee’s 

Mardee’s is a local, family-owned diner located in Clarence. This quaint restaurant is easily my favorite place to get breakfast in Buffalo. They are known for their cheesy hashbrown casserole, which is what I normally opt for along with eggs and toast. It’s also the perfect place for brunch, offering a deal where you can get half a sandwich, a cup of soup and a piece of pie. The employees are always very welcoming and the environment is cozy. They offer breakfast specials on the weekends, meals that are not normally on the menu during the week. It’s a place I normally go to with my grandma and brother, and I’d recommend to anyone. 

Nolan Hopkins: Kostas 

Kostas is a family-owned Greek restaurant located on Hertel Ave. They serve all-day breakfast, which is always a plus, and serve many American breakfast favorites, such as sausage/bacon egg and cheese sandwich and a plethora of omelettes. My favorite meal is the bacon, egg and cheese sandwich, with a side of Greek home fries and a cup of coffee. The atmosphere is inviting and a little up-scale. You can tell from the decor alone that they know what they are doing. They also have outdoor patio seating overlooking Hertel Avenue, which is perfect for a nice breakfast on early summer mornings. I have gone to Kostas every time my parents come to visit, and they love it just as much. 

Adam Gorski: Olympic Restaurant

Olympic is a local, family-owned restaurant that was first opened back in 1977 with Greek roots. Its flagship location, and the one I frequent, is in Tonawanda, and a second restaurant stands in Cheektowaga. They have a wide variety of breakfast options, with my personal favorites being a western omelette or a pancake stack, and the restaurant serves them all from open to close with plentiful options as sides. It has the hustle and bustle atmosphere of a diner, while also possessing the expansive space and tables of a restaurant. Their servers all come off as kind and outgoing, and ensure you are properly attended to. My grandmother and her friends have gone there for a Sunday breakfast nearly every week for decades, and my family would often join them. I can say with certainty that its charm and delicious food have not changed a bit since I first went there as a young kid. It’s a wonderful spot for a tasty and affordable breakfast.

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