Eager Americans make travel plans for a post-pandemic world

Got your vaccine? It’s time to start planning a summer vacation! As flights and hotels book up, Americans are looking for ways to leave home for a trip this summer even if it is just a road trip a few hours away.

Views from Arches National Park in Utah (Photo by Hannah Fischer)

About one in four Americans have at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, and as many big cities around the country start to open back up the question of traveling is weighing on people’s minds. 

Summer is approaching, and many activities that serve as staples on vacation such as restaurants, bars and parks are slowly reopening as herd immunity is more in reach with each passing day.

According to the New York Times, the demand for travel is increasing. The Times found that many travel booking agencies are seeing a great number of people wanting to travel this summer, and bookings for flights and hotels are up. Surveys have found that people think traveling this summer will be safe, and many just want an excuse to get out of the house and return to their pre-pandemic lives. 

This begs the question, where to go? Many households are trying to get a jump start on planning summer vacations and are realizing that a trip closer to home might be the way to go.

“I would be content staying within the country for a trip this summer because not only is it safer than going to another country, but a short road trip with friends is a fun way to leave home for a little and explore new places,” Canisius sophomore Hannah Fischer said. 

More and more people have the same mindset as Fischer, and it could produce a lot more tourism in some of the country’s biggest cities and popular vacation spots. Before the pandemic, many people thought of traveling as going somewhere extremely far and even out of the country, but after spending a year inside, a road trip a couple hours away sounds just as thrilling.

If you are looking to travel to some of America’s cities, consider places you may have never visited before like Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Seattle, Denver, Nashville, Atlanta or New Orleans. All of these cities have a rich history and even people who have lived in the country their whole lives may have never visited some of these places before. 

If nature trips with picturesque views are more your style, you might want to consider visiting some of the beautiful national parks the country has to offer. Fischer, who prefers trips in nature, recommends hitting Utah’s Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park and Zion National Park all in one go.

And if you, like most of the population, just want to take a trip where you could kick back and relax by the beach or a pool, consider a leisurely trip to Florida, or even popular beach towns like Myrtle Beach, Virginia Beach, or the Outer Banks. 

With Biden promising that all American adults would be eligible to receive a vaccine by May 1, summer travel is looking promising. Although many people will opt to stay close to home this summer, a trip even just an hour away is a refreshing option to go with friends for a few days. 

There has been great enthusiasm among the American people about the country reopening, and health care professionals are optimistic for the future. This positive outlook is further underscored by the declining national cases and deaths that the news is reporting every day. 

It has been a year of unprecedented and uncertain times, but as spring and summer near, the American people are starting to see a clear way out of these isolated times and a way into life as we once knew it. 

With everyone gaining new perspectives and views on home life, work life, friends, family and society, I think we will see a boom in social gatherings and people being truly grateful for life outside of the pandemic. Who knows, maybe we’ll have ourselves a “roaring twenties.”

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