Dr. Mark Hyman is transforming the idea of food in “The Pegan Diet”

“The Pegan Diet,” is Dr. Mark Hyman’s newest book, and he also hosts a podcast called “The Doctors Farmacy.” (Alexis Agee/The Griffin)

The word “diet” has been part of the everyday vocabulary of Americans for years now. Most people hear about the keto diet, paleo diet and even the Whole30, but one diet starting to make its way into many lives is the pegan diet. 

Dr. Mark Hyman is the founder and director of the UltraWellness Center, as well as the head of strategy and innovation of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine. Along with this, Hyman has also been named a New York Times bestselling author 13 times. In 2015, Hyman began the process of learning about the human diet and what works best: his end result is the pegan diet.

In one of his most recent books, “The Pegan Diet,” Hyman shares the diet that has not only changed his life but the many clients around him. This diet, a mixture of paleo and vegan, focuses on eating lean meats that have not been affected by our current style of farming. Many of the meats are expected to be grass-fed and lean, reflecting on what people ate during the Paleolithic Era. The vegan diet prohibits the consumption of all animal products, focusing instead on a plant-rich diet. Hyman takes these two different diets and combines them. The pegan diet consists of participants eating lean, grass-fed meat while also filling up on veggies. He focuses heavily on the 75% rule which is making sure your plate consists of 75% of vegetables for every meal. 

To do this, Hyman focuses on 21 different principles that allow for participants to “reclaim your health in a nutritionally confusing world.” Each principle gives readers a new insight on how food can act  as medicine for their bodies, while also offering tips on how eating healthy can be made affordable and how to make the healthy habits stick. 

If you are looking for an opportunity to change your lifestyle and learn about all the different benefits eating pegan can bring for you, this book is just what you need. It brings clarity as well as guides you on exactly how to make these changes. Hyman also offers a variety of different recipes that can get you started on your journey. These recipes range from “anti-aging smoothies” to “sneaky black bean brownies.” If you are looking for alternative ways other than reading to change your lifestyle, Hyman also has a podcast — “The Doctors Farmacy” — where he talks about a variety of topics, including disease, climate change, food and the healthcare system.

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