USA launch new website

The Undergraduate Student Association (USA) recently launched their new website at, which features information about USA, their current members and how to get involved in their organization.

The Undergraduate Student Association recently launched their new website. (Photo by Sarah Lynch)

By Abigale DeLavalle

The Undergraduate Student Association (USA) has released a new website, which will provide students with information about USA and opportunities for involvement in their organization. 

“This site is the official site of the Undergraduate Student Association, and is meant to be the one stop shop for all of our information,” USA’s Vice President of Marketing and Public Relations Justin Brown said.

On their website students can find everything from information about USA, their current members and also how to get involved in their organization.

Brown said that due to COVID-19 many students have opted to either commute, or go completely virtual, and an easily accessible website gives equal opportunities to get important information and stay involved.

One of the main folders on the website is the contact folder, which has all the members listed with their pictures and information, such as names and email addresses. Brown shares that he hopes this will help ease people’s discomfort when reaching out, and that it will encourage more curiosity amongst the students.  

Brown said this website is a big deal for USA since they have been talking of starting this website for a year now. Overall, he said he sees that the release of this website is seen as a huge success amongst USA members. 

Creating a singular space for the spread of all of USA’s information has taken pressure off the existing members and has allowed them time to get more done, Brown said.

Brown said he is elated with the launch of the website. When asked what he is most excited about, he explained, “The website itself. When I ran for the position last spring, that was one of my main goals. I’m just excited to have this one mainstream location for everything.” 

Brown built the website himself and has been working over the span of a semester to create it. He began this process in the fall and launched the website over the recent break. He mentioned that a majority of the work put into the website can be contributed to getting the pages set up because he had to figure out how to organize the information.

Brown said the website will highlight what the USA does and who they are.

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