Public Safety Director Kim Beaty will not run for Erie County Sheriff

Director of Public Safety Kim Beaty isn’t planning on running for Erie County Sheriff despite her candidacy.

Beaty has decided not to run for the position due to personal and professional reasons. (Photo by Jenna French)

Director of Public Safety Kim Beaty shared a statement with WGRZ explaining that she does not plan to run for Erie County Sheriff, despite her candidacy for the position.

Beaty explained that her reasoning behind this decision was for both personal and professional reasons. She is no longer seeking endorsement from the Erie County Democratic committee. 

“I truly appreciate the support of my family, and every single person and group that showed up to the game and supported my candidacy for Erie County Sheriff,” Beaty said in her statement to WGRZ. “This experience has been eye-opening. I am hopeful that someday, the party boss will truly work to advance the needs of our whole community.” 

WGRZ also reported that assistant Chief Brian Gould of the Cheektowaga Police Department is a leading candidate for the Democrats. Karen Healy-Case is the current candidate on the Republican side.

Sheriff Timothy Howard, who has held the title since 2005, does not plan on being re-elected. 

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