Men’s lacrosse grateful for opportunity to play

Junior Isaiah Ricketts will step into a leadership role as a captain this season. (Canisius Athletics/GoGriffs)

By Connor Pohlman, Sports Reporter

In a year defined by uncertainty, the Canisius men’s lacrosse team isn’t taking a moment for granted. 

Staying healthy was the biggest challenge that the lacrosse team had to deal with, similar to most everyone else. With social distancing and limited contact with one another, it’s been difficult to gel as a team. Activities such as simple team bonding or watching film with one another were taken away due to the pandemic. 

Everything up to this point has been done in small separate groups of players. After a long duration of separation from one another the team was finally able to practice together as a full squad on February 1. Last week, the Griffs had a chance to compete in an intersquad scrimmage, getting some real time game action. 

The players understand how important it is to cherish every moment of playing time they can get. 

“We can’t take anything for granted this year and we have to be grateful for every opportunity to play,” freshman Logan Tobias said.

After finishing with a record of 0-5 when the 2020 season was ended abruptly by the coronavirus pandemic, the team would all agree that a reset was needed. 

“Anything less than an opportunity to compete for a championship and a spot in the NCAA Tournament is below the standard that’s been set by the program,” head coach Mark Miyashita said.

While it might not have been obvious at the time, perhaps the early cancellation might’ve been a blessing in disguise for the team. The chance to reset the body and mind for a new season with an extended amount of time is an important aspect of achieving success. 

With the recent departures of the class of 2020 seniors, the group now can be described as a relatively young team. There are plenty of men in the locker room who are willing to take an increased role taking into account the youth of the team. Some of the new leaders that have stepped up are captains, as voted by their teammates are senior Ryan Cicci, junior Jacob Buck and fellow junior Isaiah Ricketts. The leadership council that consists of members every class, helping give a voice to every member of the team from top to bottom, making sure that everybody is heard. 

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