Here’s the Scoop on all the new dining options

New dining options this semester include partnerships with three local restaurants along with a brand new ice cream shop located under the Palisano Fitness Center.

Shoppe 120 is located under Palisano. (Sydney Zuech)

Chartwells at Canisius College has kickstarted four new dining options to accompany the traditional dining hall experience for the spring semester. 

In addition to the dining hall, which offers options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, Chartwells has added an ice cream and smoothie shop, Shoppe 120, under the Palisano fitness center, which offers students a multitude of frozen desserts and beverages. 

“One of the things we heard from the Senate and staff was the students were unhappy last semester because there’s nothing fun, so we came up with Shoppe 120 to make the students’ experience better,” said Associate Director Ken Schwab, the residential dining hall manager at Chartwells. 

The pickup spot in the student center is another new concept that replaced Iggy’s, the Tex-Mex pickup location from last semester. Chartwells has partnered with three Buffalo restaurants to provide students with late-night dining options. 

Dryer’s provides sub sandwiches along with more traditional “comfort foods” like mozzarella sticks and french fries. Ming-Moon is an Asian fusion restaurant, while Sabor Fresco serves up Mexican options like burritos and nachos. 

“Based on how many people are ordering and how often it seems like it’s popular, yeah. Three days you guys maxed out the time slots — and we’re still maxing out so we’re taking that as a positive sign that you guys are enjoying it,” Schwab said.

All four of the new options are available for pre-order on the Boost Mobile Food Ordering app. 

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