Disney’s “Soul” brings a new outlook into life after death.

Disney’s Pixar’s newest movie “Soul” tackles the tough topics of life and death while its humor and positive message shine through

Disney continues to produce movies that engage watchers with funny dialogue all while tackling heavy topics. Photo courtesy of Unsplash

There’s no question that the pandemic has forced people around the world to find new ways of life and say goodbye to the “normal” many of us have known our whole lives. As we approach a full year amidst the pandemic, many have been able to find new hobbies and preoccupations keeping their mental health strong. A great way to do this is through movies, and Disney’s new movie “Soul” connects with just about any person who watches it. 

The main focus of this movie focuses on the characters questioning what their purpose is and what they are meant to do during their life on earth. Joe Gardner, the main character voiced by Jamie Foxx, spends his life in love with music, believing that it’s the main reason for his existence. Until one day the unthinkable happens. After an accident, he finds himself stuck in the afterlife, fighting to go back to earth to finish what he started. Here he learns much about himself and meets a friend along the way. Her name is 22, voiced by Tina Fey. As a young soul finding her way to earth., 22 must discover what her life passion will be. 22 was always known as a rebellious soul, rejecting mentor after mentor that was given to help her, until Joe appears and changes everything.

The both of them have a life-altering journey that touches on the heavy subject of life itself. Just like Disney’s “Coco,” also set in the afterlife, “Soul” is filled with humor and playful messages that all lead to the bigger picture of discovering what it means to find who you really are. Just like many Disney movies, Joe and 22 have given the world an unforgettable friendship that gives many people a ray of light in a world that can seem to be very dark. 

If you are looking for something new, “Soul” provides about two hours that will make you think, smile and remember everything that makes you who you are today. Finding movies like “Soul” can re-ensure how important it is to reflect on your life and to find what makes you happiest. 

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