Senate discusses plans for next semester

During the Undergraduate Student Association’s meeting, Dr. Sara Morris discussed plans for the spring semester.

Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Sara Morris discussed plans for the upcoming spring semester. 

Morris said that she recognizes students’ concerns over the lack of breaks, but that this is the best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 during the traditional cold and flu season. 

Senator Anna Ziemba asked if there is a chance that students won’t be back in-person in the spring. 

In response, Morris said there is a possibility that we will have to start online with how things are currently going. Morris also said, “if you want to be back here in the spring, be really good about quarantining over break. Our hope is to have every student have a negative test result within three days of returning to campus and once again once they are on campus.”

Morris also said that she has been talking with faculty about building breaks into their classes in order to combat the lack of campus wide breaks. Senator Sydney Carlo later asked Morris if it was possible to implement “wellness days” like Harvard has throughout the semester. Morris says that it is something that they have been discussing, but that it would cause Canisius to end a week later due to federal financial aid guidelines.

Morris said that the faculty evaluation process might be different for this semester. 

“We are in a situation where you will be doing your typical end of semester evaluations, but this would be asking something outside of the normal faculty evaluation process. What we found in the spring was for every student who liked something there was a student who did not like that,” Morris said. Morris said that the most helpful thing would be for the Undergraduate Student Association (USA) to send an open letter to faculty on what would help students be successful in this setting in the future.

The constitution was approved for a new Drawing Club that is set to get started at the beginning of next semester. Appeals were also granted to ASA, the Quadrangle and The Griffin.

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