Project Conservation Provides Direction for Environmental Allies

Project Conservation Secretary Angie Liriano recommends her club because “being in a larger group it feels like you are having more of an impact, even though individuals themselves have an impact.”

Coral reefs are a vital marine ecosystem and are heavily susceptible to pollution (Unsplash)

Angie Liriano

Project Conservation is a club dedicated to maintaining, and conserving the environment. Conservation has become more and more important for our future, especially in more recent years, as people have been taking advantage of the beauty and resources that our Earth has to offer. This year, Project Conservation has led campus clean ups, along with general clean ups around the community; And have also done a couple reusable mask decorating events, which stressed the importance of reducing the use of disposable masks. 

Unfortunately, because of COVID-19 some of our upcoming events had to be postponed. We were planning on a sustainability dinner for the week before Thanksgiving, with food that was locally grown and vegan/vegetarian based; we still plan on doing this, we are just not sure when as of right now.  Something else that we are planning is an environmentally friendly “Twelve Days Of Christmas” social media event. For this event we will be posting different sustainable ideas on the 12 days leading up to Christmas, that you can find on our Instagram page: canisius_pc. 

I joined Project Conservation to make sure that, as an individual, I am doing what I can to help the Planet. Conservation has become more and more important to me throughout my college experience. I think the main reason for this is how apparent, and unavoidable the effects of non-environmentally friendly activities, products, and lifestyles have become in my day to day life. It is impossible to go through life without at least hearing about the effects of pollution, climate change, or something along these lines. It is extremely important for my generation, along with the generations to come, to be more involved in helping the planet, before there is no more planet left to help. 

A lot of people know that there needs to be more done in regards to conservation but don’t know what to do about it, or don’t think that their contributions as an individual will help in the long run. A club such as Project Conservation helps with these doubts. By being in a larger group you feel like you are having more of an impact, despite individuals themselves contributing just as much. 

Joining the club will also provide you with structured ideas and activities based around conservation, so that if you don’t know where to start the other members will be right there to guide you. Another great reason to get involved with this club is to have your voice be heard if you do have some great ideas. Like most of the clubs here at Canisius Project Conservation is a student run club, so it is not as intimidating to approach the e-board with any ideas that you may have, it is also really simple to actually become a part of the e-board as well. 

Overall this club allows me to surround myself with others that feel the same passion for saving the earth, and doing what we can to decrease the negative impact that humans have on it. I think this is a great club to get involved in, and a great opportunity to feel a sense of accomplishment in decreasing your own ecological footprint. Whether you have previous experience with this type of club, have not been involved in a club like this before, or even know nothing about conservation, Project Conservation would be the perfect club to get involved with. We would love to have you!

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