Meet USA’s Sustainability Chair: Zoe Kaminski

Zoe Kaminski has a passion for the environment which fuels her efforts as the USA Sustainability Chair.

USA Sustainability Chair Zoe Kaminski uses her passion for sustainability to support the Canisius community in hopes of creating positive change. (Sydney Zuech)

By Nico D. Mitchell

Zoe Kaminski, the sustainability chair at Canisius College, said she is passionate about creating change on campus in relation to its sustainability.

As a triple major in political science, English and urban studies, Kaminski’s insight has helped make meaningful changes in order to reduce Canisius’ carbon footprint.

 “Sustainability chair serves a lot of different roles on campus. One of my main roles is as a bridge for a more sustainable campus this year. We are organizing educational components for our initiative as well,” Kaminski said.

When asked what made her want to run for the position, Kaminski said she was inspired by last year’s chair, while she had served as the associate chair.

“I was inspired by all her work, and looking at the campus I realized how different things could be if we were more sustainable and I wanted to get my foot in the door where I know I can make a difference. And now I am able to make some tangible changes to campus.”

Kaminski attributes the success of sustainable initiatives to the members of the campus community. When everyone on campus wants to see changes, that is when real tangible changes are seen. When cleaning up the campus, they are also cleaning up areas in the Hamlin Park neighborhood.

“Everyone wants to see you be successful, from dining hall staff to the administration to other students, and that is also why I chose a smaller school — the community feeling you get. Without that I would not be successful,” Kaminski said.

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