Meet The Editors: Natalie Faas

Meet new Assistant News Editor Natalie Faas and learn about her journey in The Griffin so far

Natalie Faas brings a bright bubbly personality to The Griffin and now serves as assistant news editor

Becoming an editor for a newspaper takes determination, creativity and passion: this is just what new Assistant News Editor Natalie Faas has brought to the table as just a freshman. Before applying to Canisius, Faas came on a visit and was introduced to last year’s managing editor, Emyle Watkins. Watkins told her all about the paper, and from there Faas was intrigued with the idea of writing for the paper. Once she got here, Faas was encouraged by a professor to start writing for The Griffin and, at first, she was unsure about whether to write for features or news.

But after a lot of thinking, Faas decided to write for news. Considering she is a dual major in journalism and political science, writing for news just seemed right. Faas began the semester with writing a profile on Patrick Rosati. In her time writing this article, News Editor Jenna French was with her every step of the way.

“I love the style of news: the more factual information and hard-hitting information is something that interests me. Also, it just seemed to click. I was nervous for my first interview, so Jenna was able to sit in and help me. She has been my biggest support system through this all and has taught me so much,” Faas said.

After this article, Faas knew for sure that the news section is where she is meant to be. She also knew that the assistant news editor spot was available. Eventually, she sat down with French, and they discussed the possibility of Faas taking over that role. Faas was open to the idea but also slightly intimidated with its responsibilities. After talking with French, she decided that this was something she wanted to do, and they took the idea to Editor-in-Chief Mike Pesarchick and Managing Editor Steph Wetzel.  

Pesarchick and Wetzel loved the idea, but both wanted Faas to get more experience and adapt to the environment of working in the newspaper as a contributor before becoming an editor. Faas spent the next two months working as a contributor, mainly focusing on building on her writing. After gaining some experience and understanding about the paper Faas was interviewed and given the role of assistant news editor. In her time in this position, she has learned how to become more creative, to write in AP Style and to be more aware of her surroundings. 

“It’s a much harder role than I expected it to be, but from the beginning I was always telling Jenna I was ready to learn and help her wherever I was needed. In the past three months, I have learned so much about writing in general, and I have also seen such an improvement with my writing” Faas said.

Even though the role has proven to be a challenging experience, Faas has loved every minute of it. She has already helped bring in a new writer and has connected with her on the same experiences she had when first writing. Before coming to Canisius, Faas had planned on joining the acapella group, and made that her number one priority, but once she had her first night in the office that quickly changed. She recently auditioned for the group and plans to do that alongside The Griffin, but her time writing has become more important to her. 

Faas has a love for singing, so she spends a lot of her time doing so, and along with that she loves to be in the library. If you can’t find her there, she most likely is spending time grocery shopping. According to Faas, “I love shopping in general, but grocery shopping is so much fun to me. Especially going to Wegmans.” 

Faas is a passionate and hardworking addition to The Griffin, and she hopes to reach out to more people in her upcoming years to explain what being a part of the newspaper is like. Faas has the end goal of becoming a news reporter, and her dream is to become a reporter on Good Morning America, but until that dream comes true she plans to cherish her time at Canisius, write and see where life will take her. 

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