Local bakery serves desserts in an inspiring and positive way

The Sugar Palette, a local bakery business in Buffalo, is serving delicious cookies that are decorated to perfection

Pickup is at Jillian Sickler’s in-home bakery with the cookies coming perfectly packaged

Anyone in Buffalo can tell you that everyone here loves to support small business, especially ones started by people who grew up here. The Sugar Palette, a local bakery business, was started by Jillian Sickler after she realized her passion was giving back to her community. Her business mission is, “to make a difference in as many lives as possible no matter how small.” 

After Sickler started baking more, she realized that many people were interested in purchasing, so she decided to start The Sugar Palette. “I decided to take the big leap and make it my career with no business or culinary education,” Sickler said. By October of 2019, she had a full, commercial kitchen in her house in which she runs her business out of. 

The Sugar Palette is known for its designer desserts, but also the fact that they taste as good as they look. She offers a wide variety of cookies and other desserts to choose from. If you want homemade cookies that are not specialized towards a certain occasion, she has over a dozen of types to order. 

She has basic cookies like chocolate chip, pumpkin spice, maple snickerdoodle and oatmeal raisin, but she also offers cookies that are a little more out of the box like cinnamon roll cookies, Reese’s peanut butter cookies, Fruity Pebble cookies and pretzel chip cookies. 

After ordering, they were able to be picked up from her at-home bakery in Amherst, N.Y., and were ready soon after ordering. They were packaged in a cute pink box and all of the cookies were individually wrapped, making it easier to share. The pumpkin cookies were much bigger than expected and were extremely soft and creamy with a signature pumpkin spice. The pumpkin cookies were an all around favorite from the people who tried them. 

What this business is most known for; however, is their custom design cookies. These are cutout cookies that she will cater towards the customer’s liking. She has designed cookies for kids parties, birthdays, weddings and baby showers. Some designs she features on her website are superheroes, cartoon characters, sports themes, wedding rings, champagne bottles, baby themes and more. Any design idea a customer has she will provide which is extremely accommodating for customers who are looking for something specific.

On top of all of that she also sells cakes, cupcakes and cookie kits. The cakes and cupcakes are completely personalized to the customer’s liking and the cookie kits can be an assortment of different cookies. Whether it is a mix of cutout cookies with different designs, a mix of normal cookies and specialized cookies, or even a “decorate yourself,” cookie kit, The Sugar Palette has you covered. 

With pricing, she is very reasonable based on what you order. A dozen of any normal cookies is $30, and basic design cookies (which is white + 2 additional colors) are $3 each. The more colors and design a cookie takes, the more it goes up in price which can be expected from any bakery business. 

The time and energy it takes to make even one batch of cookies, let alone decorate and design them to perfection, is not something to underestimate. The Sugar Palette is constantly putting out extremely impressive cookies as one can see from the website, and the customer reviews seem to back up that fact with many 5 star reviews.

Additionally, Sickler noted that a portion of every order goes to a variety of local causes, while 100% of profits from the merchandise sold on her website (sweatshirts and t-shirts) goes towards St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The Sugar Palette has also teamed up with other local businesses in order to support each other and, “build a positive and inspiring community of local business owners.”

The Sugar Palette’s site (thesugarpalette.com) has all of the information a customer needs about what is offered and how they can order. Customers can pick any day and time to pick up, and shipping is an option as well. Order confirmation is over email and Sickler is extremely easy to reach and very accommodating. Payment is by cash, credit or Venmo. 

If you want to know more about the Sugar Palette, their Instagram is @thesugarpalette716 and there are many informative posts and highlights about what she offers and the ordering/pick up process. 

The Sugar Palette is one of the many great ways to support a small, locally owned business in Buffalo, and Sickler has high standards for her desserts and uses The Sugar Palette as a means to, “bake the world a better place one cookie at a time.”

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