Griffashion Khalil Gordon

Junior Khalil Gordon talks about his growing interest in fashion that was sparked by the people he surrounds himself with at Canisius.

After years of not having an interest in fashion, Canisius junior Khalil Gordon had a change of heart and decided to create a defined style by utilizing the pieces already in his wardrobe.

Gordon, an integrated marketing and communications and English major, said his style is not directly inspired by anyone specifically, but he did find inspiration from being involved in Little Theatre.

“I care a lot about presentation. I want people, when they see me, to think that I put thought into what it is that I’m putting out into the world,” Gordon said.

From his favorite black peacoat to his puffy leather jacket, Gordon describes his style as ever-evolving.

“I guess confidence is what you’re shooting for whenever you put something on,” Gordon said. “I feel a lot more confident in my interactions in everyday life; I feel like I’m able to put myself out there a lot more.”

With this newfound confidence and his more defined style, he said he finds himself more outgoing and more involved on campus.

Now, on top of his involvement in Little Theatre, he is part of The Griffin, as well as part of the Student Interest Committee. 

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