Got election stress? Campus resources are here for you

With election results rolling out there are many events or services being offered at Canisius to relieve the stress that the election brings.

Canisius is offering a variety of services and events to relieve the stress that the election brings. (Natalie Faas)

By Natalie Faas

While there were many events on campus before and on election day, there are also ongoing programs throughout the days and even weeks prior that can help relieve election stress.

In the days leading up to the election, the African American, Latinx American, Asian American and Native American (ALANA) student center, leadership at Canisius and the Undergraduate Student Association (USA) presented events to encourage Canisius students to get to the polls. From free sticker giveaways to helping students formulate a voting plan, these organizations said they wanted Canisius students to “rock the vote!”

“The community that was there and participated throughout the day helped to manage stress related to election day,” sophomore Sydney Carlo said.

The election day watch party gave students a chance to watch ongoing news coverage as well as have some structured conversations about the results coming in and just overall stress students may be feeling. 

“There are ‘reflection spaces’ for students to enter and to do whatever they need for them. While there are some activities (coloring, play-dough, etc.) students can talk with staff members in those spaces and they can offer support to them,” Assistant Dean of Students and Director of the Multicultural Student Center Bennie D. Williams said.

These reflection spaces are all around campus for students to reflect and relax. There are plenty of counselors and other support staff available for the campus community; these spaces were open for students to be alone or speak to counselors and other staff about their concerns and anxieties. 

“This election has been very stressful for me. I refresh the same google page four times an hour just waiting for something to change,” freshman Emma Radel said.

As for the ongoing election support, students and staff received an email on Oct. 29 from Vice President for Academic Affairs Sara Morris and Vice President for Student Affairs Daniel Dentino explaining that outlined a list of staff members that students and other members of the campus community could contact for support, regardless of political stance. 

Campus ministry is offering a fall retreat to all students in order to reflect and also “Ignatian Yoga” is being offered. 

In addition to their normal drop-in hours and appointments, the counseling center offered extended drop-in hours from Nov. 4 through Nov. 6 to combat election anxiety as well as COVID-19 anxiety and semester burn out. 

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