Campus Life After Break

Matthew Mulville, senior associate dean of students and director of Student Life, explains in full detail what campus life will look like once Canisius goes remote subject to the number of COVID-19 cases in the area.

In comparison to other semesters, the campus will look a bit different after Thanksgiving break due to COVID-19. (Tessa Pszonak)

By Abigale DeLavalle

Matthew Mulville, senior associate dean of students and director of Student Life, explains in full detail what campus life will be like as students return after Thanksgiving, as well as next semester. 

Buffalo recently entered the orange zone as laid out by the state, and classes have transferred to online for next week. As of now that will be continued for the remainder of the semester. However, what does that look like exactly?

Mulville wants to clarify that any information that is available now is always subject to change based on the number of reported cases in the area. 

“Nothing is concrete yet,” Mulville said as he talked about the new restrictions that are coming.

Changes are being made, even for these last few days on campus before Thanksgiving. Clubs and any group gatherings will be limited to ten people and classes are moving to a remote setting. 

For those staying on campus, there is more to keep in mind. Mulville said there are about 200 students who will live on campus who are coming back to finish the semester. In relation to food services, the Old Market will close, Tim Hortons’ hours will be shortened and they are still deciding on the hours for Iggy’s. The dining hall will still have regular hours.

Mulville also explained that, despite every intention to keep it open, the fitness center will have to close for now. Athletic training will continue, but it may be moderated.

Alongside these changes, the shuttle service will cease. The library is undergoing schedule changes, although at the moment it is to stay open.

Campus life isn’t the only thing undergoing changes however. When students are preparing to return to campus they will not have to quarantine for two weeks. 

“Here is the new deal. If you are a resident student, you will have to get a COVID test five days before you return. If it’s negative, you will have to quarantine for three days. We will open residence halls early so students will be ready to go by the first day. On the fourth day, you get tested again, and if you are negative, you will come out of quarantine.” Mulville explained. 

It is uncertain if the second test will be offered by Wellnow on campus, but any additional information will come in the form of an email.

Mulville ultimately expects the spring semester to look fairly similar to our current semester. 

The Undergraduate Student Association is working on refining the plan for a spring break because as of now, students will only have one day off. 

Mulville also wants everyone to know that Canisius is doing everything to keep the students’ safety their top priority. Cleaning crews will continue through break and on into the spring semester. Any regulations that are in place are just to stop the spread of COVID-19. Students must also do their part, wear a mask and stay safe.

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