2020 Election: A Lack of Integrity

Long time opinion contributor Bailey McOwen shares her take that excessive zeal in an election year is just as detrimental as apathy and urges you not to get too comfortable with the career politicians in power.

Is it time for Americans to replace the idiom of “sleazy car salesmen” with “sleazy politicians”? - Unsplash

I worry this article will come off as bitter towards one side or another when this is not my intent. I am bitter, but it’s not toward any American citizen that voted one way or another — I would never want to demonize anyone for trying to better their country, and I understand that’s what most people are trying to do. My problem lies with the current political system and those taking advantage of our trust in that system: those taking advantage of our goodwill.

The results of the 2020 election should be disappointing to every American. Not because the options were terrible or because you don’t like who won, but because of the complete lack of integrity seen from a majority of the politicians throughout the election season.

I am frustrated with how politicians in recent years have used their power to convince us that the presidential election is a matter of life or death. 

Those who are over-zealous about elections are just as detrimental as those who see no value in participating, and they do nothing but harm other citizens for the benefit of a politician who doesn’t care about any of us.

This is their way of deflecting the responsibility of the issues in the country. For the most part the people they vote for are untrustworthy, sleazy career politicians (or on the path to being that way). The thought of actually trusting any of them to fix any problems, or that one of them will create worse problems than the other, is ridiculous to me. 

The hysterical reactions to one person winning or losing plays into exactly what they want. It makes us dependent, and when we depend on them they get reelected, hold all of the power and nothing ever gets resolved.

In the words of Ayn Rand, one of my favorite philosophers, “the political ignorance and intellectual disintegration of our age become appallingly evident in a major election year. They range from lethargic passivity of those who ignore elections as of no consequence … to the frantic hysteria of those who believe that the life or death of the nation is determined on a single Tuesday in November.”

We don’t need to depend on the people who lie to us, cheat and have no morals. They don’t deserve our reactions, not only because they are undeserving of our loyalty, but because feeding into the hysteria they create and continuing to reelect them never attacks the source of our country’s problems. 

We should strive to have people in office who have more to say than “at least I’m not that guy.” What does that even mean? They are overtly just as bad as that guy! For instance, I saw absolutely no productive discussion in the Biden campaign. He bagged on the fact that he is simply not Trump, but does that even really mean anything? He’s been in politics for 20% of America’s history and has actively participated in causing the issues that everyone hates Trump for not fixing.

To end on some type of encouragement, or moreso a plea, I ask that we don’t get too comfortable. If you think that we’re safe because Biden is assumed to be our next president, then I encourage you to look at his record. We should be focusing on actually changing the country. 

Focus on your local elections — your mayors and governor have the power to implement the changes you want made nationally at the state level instead. Campaign for new senators and congressmen to take the seats of career politicians who’ve done nothing the last 50 years they’ve been in power. And please, don’t get too worked up over the results of this election, whether they’re good or bad, because all it does is further the power of the undeserving.

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