Women’s Soccer Determined to Keep on Track

Despite the challenges of no games, women’s soccer coach Ryan Louis is keeping the team’s spirits high this fall.

The Canisius women’s soccer team has kept their spirits high despite challenging times amidst the COVID-19 pandemic (Canisius Athletics/GoGriffs)

By Connor Pohlman, Sports Reporter

The women’s soccer team here at Canisius wasn’t expecting a start to the season quite like this. 

For some, COVID-19 is just a minor obstacle in the way of success. Rather than shying away from the challenge, interim head coach Ryan Louis and his team have embraced it. Louis, who was an assistant coach last fall, has been running the program since April when former head coach Todd Clark stepped down to pursue other career opportunities.

“The mentality isn’t changing, the preparation isn’t changing, even though there are descriptions on what we can and can’t do” Louis said. “Our goal is still very clear on where we want to take things” 

Louis stressed how his team has adapted to these strange times. Mental strength is just as important as physical strength when it comes to sports preparation. The attitude of teams can make or break a season. 

Louis knows this. “You know the biggest thing is just keeping the players optimistic, ensuring that there’s a positive environment for them to be in.” 

He added of the attitude of the team this fall, “Good, good. Initially I think they were somewhat disappointed, right? You know the season got postponed… their health and safety, the students on the campus’ health and safety was our number one priority, we were very clear in that messaging. But now that they’re actually out there training, they’re optimistic, they’re in good spirits. It’s somewhere back to where we want it to be.” 

As of now, there are no games scheduled, but Louis wants to make sure that his players stay in shape and try to avoid any kind of rust. 

“We’ll see how things look in a couple of weeks. We’re moving through phases, and as long as we continue to follow our plan, I don’t see any issue with it,” Louis said of the training situation with no games involved.

Every sports season this year will certainly be strange, but these players and coaches aren’t going to let that get in the way of achieving their goals. 

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