Why YOU should stay in Buffalo

Even with the Buffalo population declining, there are so many reasons people should stay from the culture, to the culinary and athletic revivals. “There are so many small businesses and local restaurants that people support, it’s almost frowned upon to go to a chain restaurant.”

Buffalo is known for so much good whether it be the food served here or the sports teams with the most supportive fan bases.

After living in Buffalo long enough, you start to realize that the way people describe the city is “up and coming,” whether it be the media, your parents or any Buffalo resident who has lived here their whole life. Truth be told, Buffalo isn’t exactly “up and coming,” the population has been steadily declining, but regardless, there are reasons people should stay. 

Prior to the Great Depression, Buffalo was regarded as the 13th largest city in the US, according to city-journal.org. Since then, it’s lost 55% of its population. In short, it’s no secret that people are leaving. 

Despite the population declining, city-journal.org as well as sparefoot.com has said that Buffalo is currently the second largest city in New York State behind New York City. Buffalo and other upstate cities had an increase in population in the past due to the Erie Canal; however, now that the canal has lost its relevance and other methods of transportation are used, city-journal.org reports that the population is now in decline. 

They also pointed out that our proximity to Niagara Falls is no longer a necessity with improving electricity transmission. Of course, there are those who hate the long winters and the fact that there’s a possibility a blizzard could shut down the entire city, and some simply leave for better job opportunities. 

There are a lot of reasons people are leaving, so to call Buffalo an “up and coming” city is a bit of a stretch. However, in addition to there being a lot of reasons as to why people are leaving, there’s a lot of reasons as to why they should stay. 

Another cliché people hear about Buffalo is that it is “the city of good neighbors,” a cliché which happens to be true. Buffalo gives off a small, hometown feel but with big city amenities. Sparefood.com described the community as “friendly and kind,” and explained that Buffalo residents are willing to help anyone, even a complete stranger. 

An obvious perk about Buffalo is the food here. There are so many small businesses and local restaurants that people support, it’s almost frowned upon to go to a chain restaurant. Buffalo is well known for its chicken wings, beef on weck, Loganberry and more, but any local restaurant has so much to offer. Craft beers have also become very popular in the area. 

The city of Buffalo itself is considered a very diverse community. The eclectic downtown communities like Allen Street and Hertel Avenue have become very popular especially for college students, and the architecture of the city holds a lot of history. 

Buffalo is also well known for supporting the arts. There are museums like the Albright Knox, local bookstores like Talking Leaves, and there were popular and annual festivals and concerts prior to COVID-19, Shea’s Performing Arts Center and the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. This could appeal again to younger generations such as college students but can also serve as a family activity. 

In short, there’s so much to do here in Buffalo, and that’s part of what makes it so great. The falls and summers are beautiful, making it easier to do activities outside, but even in the winter, there’s a lot of activities and places to go as well. The snow can be brutal, but once someone has lived here long enough, it’s almost like they’ve built an immunity to it. 

Support “the city of good neighbors,” support the city with a wild football fan base, support the city that smells like Cheerios and support the city that makes you feel at home instantly.

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