What Canisius students should know about quarantine and isolation on campus

If you’re a student and find yourself needing to either quarantine or isolate you need to know what steps to take to care of yourself and those around you. Mark Piatkowski, associate director of Student Life, discusses the process and what students should expect.

Delavan Townhouse D (above) is where students who have to isolate stay for two weeks, while students who must quarantine stay on the first floor of Bosch or Frisch Residence Hall. (Tessa Pszonak/The Griffin)

With the threat of COVID-19 still very real, Canisius students might find themselves in a situation where they must isolate or quarantine themselves for 14 days as a precautionary measure. 

According to New York State, if resident students have to quarantine or isolate they must do so at home if they live within a 250-mile radius. Students not living within 250 miles of the campus will be placed in Delavan Townhouse D for isolation; for quarantine they will be placed on the first floor of Bosch or Frisch Halls.

Students put into isolation are either symptomatic or COVID-19 positive, while those placed in quarantine are not symptomatic but have had close contact with someone who is positive or had approximate contact. 

On campus, they have 50 beds available for students who must quarantine and 16 defined isolation rooms in Delavan D. Students are responsible for moving their belongings into the location they have been assigned to. 

After placed in either isolation or quarantine, students will be provided with meals and a care package to help monitor their symptoms. 

“It’s tough because what we’re asking students to do, and I’m mindful of this, is you live in your current living situation…everything set up the way you like it now for the next two weeks you got to go to a completely empty room… and it can be challenging,” Associate Director of Student Life Mark Piatkowski said.

While in quarantine or isolation, students must abide by rules set in place to help keep themselves and others around them safe. Those in quarantine or isolation may not leave their room with the exception of using public restrooms, guest visits or food deliveries. If a student is found to have violated these guidelines then they may face college probation or possible suspension. 

Students are delivered three meals once a day between 6-7 p.m. and dietary restrictions can be met by contacting Piatkowski.  

Also, while in quarantine or isolation students will have to fill out a forum daily that monitors their symptoms, which goes directly to Student Health.

“I think the biggest obstacle has just been dealing with the fact that I can’t really go anywhere or do anything, which can definitely be frustrating. Like kind of seeing everyone going on with their lives while it feels like my life is on pause, and I won’t lie, it can be tough,” said Aidan Joly, a junior at Canisius who is currently in quarantine.

Not only can it be difficult for those who have to quarantine or isolate but it has also been difficult adjusting to this new process, Piatkowski said; they are confident in their plan and so far their plan has been working effectively. 

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