Top 5 Places to Go Hiking in Buffalo

Buffalo has so many beautiful places that can offer a great hike, here are 5 of the top hiking spots

The Chestnut Ridge park offers amazing views while you walk to the eternal flame.

Looking for a way to destress in the midst of the semester when work just seems to keep piling on? A great way to do so is by going outside and getting some fresh air. There are many different locations within the Buffalo area which serve as great hiking spots. The best spots include the Eternal Flame at Chesnut Ridge, Knox Farm State Park, Akron Falls County Park, Delaware Park and Ellicott Creek Park. Each one of these nature trails has a unique breathtaking beauty to them. 

To start, the Eternal Flame at Chestnut Ridge is one of the most well-known hiking trails in Buffalo. The main entrance is located off of Chestnut Ridge Road (Route 277) in Orchard Park. The trail is about a mile and a half long and takes about 20 minutes to complete. The biggest reason why park goers come to this particular trail can be explained right in the name “Eternal Flame.” There is a flame located at the end of the trail for visitors to see. The Eternal Flame is not really an eternal flame, but instead a natural gas-leak that is usually always lit. Even so, this trail is a beautiful sight to see, especially on a brisk October day. It is a great way to spend an afternoon enjoying the outdoors. 

Another spot to go to is Knox Farm State Park located on 437 Buffalo Road in East Aurora. This state park includes 633 acres of woodlands, grasslands and ponds for visitors to observe. The beautifully scenic trails are perfect for a relaxing walk with family and friends. Besides walking, there are also separate designated trails for bikers. Additionally, there is a dog park section for visitors who may have brought pets along with them. This typically tends to be the busiest area within the park. Overall, Knox Farm State Park is a fantastic place to find some peace and quiet and get away from the stress of everyday life. 

Akron Falls Park is yet another great place to spend the day enjoying the outdoors. Akron Falls Park, located on 44 Parkview Drive in Akron is widely known by locals who come to enjoy the beautiful scenery the park has to offer. One of the most admired aspects of this park is its abundance of waterfalls. The falls usually have an appearance of ribbon falls for the majority of the year. Coming to a nature spot like this one truly brings a sense of serenity to oneself.

Fourth on the list is Delaware Park Trail located on Meadow Drive. This trail is a 1.8-mile-long loop, which is good for people of all skill levels. It’s an easy trek for people looking for a relaxing outdoor activity. A great upside to this park is that it is not heavily trafficked at all and allows for respectful social distancing. It is a good choice for those who may not want to be surrounded by many people. There is space to run and bike if visitors are interested. 

Finally, the last hiking location suggestion is Ellicott Creek Park located on 1 Ellicott Drive in Tonawanda. Ellicott Creek is a 165-acre park that includes open fields, paved trails, tennis courts, and creek banks. This is an excellent location for a day out especially during this time of year when the scenery is even more beautiful. 

Evidently, there are plenty of gorgeous sites right here in Buffalo that serve as perfect hiking trails to locals and visitors alike. Spending the day at one of these locations is a great way to get away from the busyness of college life. Take some time to spend a day at one of these five locations and enjoy what nature has to offer! 

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