Quadrangle co-editors-in-chief set out to showcase art from 68 and 69

Quadrangle editors hope to bring a new outlook for editions 68 and 69 with a new platform

Junior Joe Woods' many years in working with the Quadrangle have finally led him to the editorial position he was chasing after.

The Quadrangle is known for featuring the many talented students at Canisius, and each year the co-editors in chief set out to give these authors the best experience. This year, Simone Riter and Joe Wood have set out to do that and more. 

Junior Joe Wood came to campus with a curiosity to get involved. After a little time he approached Dr. Cochrane, a professor here on campus and asked about ways to do just that. This is where he was introduced to the idea of the Quadrangle. He invested himself for a couple years in working on the Quadrangle staff and once the end of junior year came, and new editors in chiefs were to be appointed he was approached by Dr. Cochrane. 

“I knew I had almost been training for this position, but I also knew I couldn’t do it alone. With my other responsibilities, I wouldn’t be able to give the full attention needed to Quadrangle. Dr. Cochrane and I knew we needed to find our star quarterback, and this is when we both thought of Simone,” Wood said. 

Senior Simone Riter hopes to bring new ideas that can help re-imagine the Quadrangle during the pandemic.

Both Wood and Riter had taken the literary publishing course offered by Dr. Cochrane, and this is where their love for literary magazines flourished. This is also where Riter knew she wanted more time in working with the Quadrangle. Once she was approached to have the co-editor position she was more than happy to accept. 

As many know, the spring semester was cut short and the publishing of Quadrangle 68 was unable to happen. This left many of the accepted Quadrangle artists disappointed to not see their work published. As a result, Riter and Wood decided these artists deserve the proper recognition for their work. 

When finally coming to campus, Riter, Wood and their advisor Dr. Cochrane put their heads together to create an online platform to showcase Quadrangle 68. After many challenges they went to professor Dunkle for some advice.

“Professor Dunkle made us aware of a student he had in 2015 who actually made a WordPress site for the Quadrangle as a project for the capstone course. So it was kind of this underground thing that people forgot about and it turned out to be a huge gift for us. We’ve actually been redesigning it and adding in all the submissions. We have Lauren Schifley, our lead designer, helping us move forward” Riter said.  

After talking with Dunkle about the possibility of a WordPress website, Riter and Wood went seeking someone with WordPress experience. This is where Lauren Schifley comes into place. Schifley was the perfect match. She is the current art director for The Griffin here at Canisius, where she specializes in creating the layout of the paper. She was introduced to the Quadrangle through a lead designer and from there Riter and Wood reached out to her over the summer to work with Quadrangle 68. Shortly after they promoted her to lead designer. 

“I’m very excited to be a part of the team working on the online version because we have a lot of cool ideas for the online version Quadrangle 69 that you can’t do if you only have a print version. Also, Simone and Joe are the most supportive hype men,” Schifley said. 

Their goal is to have Quadrangle 68 ready to be unveiled in mid to late November and bring in Ron Ward and Miles Keefe, co-editors in chief last year, to honor their work. They plan to also have a small unveiling party if COVID-19 allows. Once this task is complete, Riter and Wood will quickly move into creating Quadrangle 69.

This semester Riter and Wood have already begun the process of attracting new members as well as editors. They have been attracting students with general body meetings and workshops. During the workshops they allow for students to send in any type of writing, and from there the group is able to give constructive feedback to help strengthen their writing. 

Their next workshop is Thursday October 29 at 5 p.m. over Google Meet. Anyone is able to join these, and you don’t necessarily need to submit these pieces to Quadrangle in the spring semester. If you are interested in attending, send an email to either Joe Wood at wood28@canisius.edu or Simone Riter at riters@canisius.edu showing your interest as well as attaching your piece for the workshop. 

Submissions for Quadrangle 69 will open around mid-January and continue until February 22. Submissions can range anywhere from photography, prose and poetry. Riter and Wood hope that COVID-19 will die down and they can have the proper unveiling party they normally do each year. They plan to do both an online and in print version of Quadrangle 69.

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