Meet the new JUSTICE chair: Ashley Kekeisen

Volleyball and social justice are both big parts of Kekeisen’s life. (Canisius Athletics)

Ashley Kekeisen, the newly-named JUSTICE chair for the Undergraduate Student Association (USA), is a firm believer in the importance of service and social justice and hopes to share her passion through her position.

Kekeisen said that as JUSTICE chair she is responsible for leading initiatives with the JUSTICE committee, reporting to USA, attending meetings, and “having a strong commitment and dedication to service and social justice”.  

The position of JUSTICE chair interested Kekeisen because she already enjoys advocating for and serving members of the Buffalo community through Sandwich Ministry, People Against Trafficking Humans (PATH), and other service organizations in Buffalo. 

“As someone who is from St. Louis, Mo., one of the most racially and economically segregated cities in the USA, I have always wanted to get involved in a position that would be able to directly help foster a more equitable and just change throughout our Canisius community,” Kekeisen said.  

There are two major initiatives that the JUSTICE committee is focusing on this semester. “A major initiative my committee has decided to proceed with for the semester is our newest campaign #GriffsGoVote, where we want to set up a Chalk Walk art contest event in front of Science Hall on Nov. 2 or 3,” Kekeisen said. 

She said that this initiative goes along with USA’s push for voter registration across campus, and that the purpose is to remind people to go out and vote on November 3. The JUSTICE committee is also continuing the “Cura Personalis. Period” campaign from past semesters, which involves the committee making sure that campus bathrooms are regularly stocked with menstrual products, because as Kekeisen said, “free access to healthcare through menstrual hygiene products should be a right, not a privilege.”

Kekeisen is majoring in biology on the pre-health track with a minor in English. Other things that Kekeisen is involved in on campus are the Canisius volleyball team, Golden Griffin Leadership Academy III, being a student ambassador, being a SAAC representative for the volleyball team for the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, being a member of the SAAC Diversity and Inclusion Committee, and being a Canisius representative for the MAAC-SAAC Social.

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