Meet the Editors: Patrick Healy

Assistant Opinion Editor Patrick Healy wants to share his opinion on politics while also educating himself.

Patrick Healy went from an avid reader of the paper to an assistant editor.

Many of the editors for The Griffin chose to apply for their role because they’re a journalism or communications major looking to gain experience. Like some of our other editors and writers, Patrick Healy isn’t a journalism major looking to expand his skills: he was a talented writer and an avid reader of The Griffin looking to connect with a group on campus. 

Patrick Healy, The Griffin’s assistant opinion editor, decided to go to Canisius not because he walked onto the campus and fell in love with the atmosphere like so many students claim they do, but because it was the best option for him financially. Being from West Seneca, he applied to mostly local schools before deciding that Canisius was the best fit for him. Even though dorming is the more expensive option, he decided to live on campus in order to get more involved. 

Healy is a political science and urban studies dual major with a minor in law and public policy. He knew he wanted to major in political science right away, and later on decided to add urban studies because of the fact that the subject discusses local politics. He also added his minor because it made perfect sense to him since he is planning on attending law school. 

The 2016 election, which took place when Healy was a sophomore in high school, is what sparked his interest in politics. He couldn’t comprehend why as voters we had such poor choices to choose from. This led him to invest even more into politics. He reads often from the perspective of the right and the left and avoids solely gaining information from opinionated media. “Reading independently and not just listening to the mainstream media really led to my interest in politics,” he said. He turned in his voter registration as soon as he turned 18. 

Healy wanted to join The Griffin after reading it every Friday when it was delivered to his dorm his freshman year. He read it every Friday before his class, and when he saw that the position for assistant opinion editor was open for applications, he knew he wanted to apply. “I’m not a journalism major and I’m not a reporter,” he said. “I don’t really like reporting but I do like writing, especially about politics.” He connected with Khalil Gordon, our head opinion editor, and knew he wanted to be a part of the section. 

Healy also said that Dr. Woodward, a professor whose position was recently cut, was a big part of why he joined the paper as well. She always spoke highly of The Griffin and influenced him to become a part of the club. 

Aside from the paper, Healy’s hobbies include reading specifically about politics, and also watching sports. He specifically enjoys watching baseball and is a big Yankees fan. He also played soccer and basketball in the past and recently became a notary public. He thought that this would only benefit him since he has plans to attend law school in the future. He started writing prior to joining the paper. He wrote a few letters to The Buffalo News’ editor regarding elections. 

He encourages others to join The Griffin because he finds that it’s low stress and there’s not a lot of pressure to write. “When you write essays, you forget about them and only your professors read them, but when you write for The Griffin you get a sense of accomplishment and feel like you’re contributing to the community,” Healy said. 

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