Meet the Editors: Jay Ashdown

Meet Assistant Sports Editor Jay Ashdown who has brought his passion for hockey, podcasting, and “Survivor” to The Griffin

Jay Ashdown, Assistant Sports Editor

Majoring in sports journalism, Assistant Sports Editor Jay Ashdown has always had a passion for sports, and The Griffin helped him to use his interests to report for Griffs Hockey as well as expand his horizons and create new and exciting podcasts. 

Coming from Cleveland, Ashdown knew he wanted to join The Griffin after writing for his school newspaper in high school. He is passionate about sports journalism, and immediately gravitated towards the sports section. 

For the last two years, Ashdown has spent his time at The Griffin reporting and writing for the men’s hockey team here at Canisius. He loves being able to go to all of the home games, stream the away games on his computer and interview members of the team each week. 

When asked about his favorite part of writing for The Griffin, Ashdown instinctively said it was the people he liked most. “Aidan is the sports editor and I live with him,” he laughed, “so he and I always have a great time.” He is also really close with all the other guys who write for the sports section, as well as the other writers on The Griffin. 

Maybe even more than writing, Ashdown loves podcasting. “I do, like, a million podcasts,” he said including, “Over the Boards,” which covers the NHL, “Student Section,” which covers college football, “Frozen Pondcast,” which is about college hockey, “Fire in the Form of Flint Podcast,” which is about the show “Survivor” and an upcoming podcast about “The Bachelorette” called “The Rings and the Roses.” All of these podcasts can be found on the Apple podcast app or Spotify under “Griffcast.” 

When he is not spending time reporting, writing, and podcasting for The Griffin, Ashdown is probably watching “Survivor.” “I am a ‘Survivor’ junkie,” he said. When asked if he ever wanted to be a contestant on the show he immediately stated, “That’s the goal.”

Over social media, Ashdown was able to reach out to past contestants, even one who was the runner up one season. Reaching out to them has helped him perfect his application and his video, and hopefully one day, viewers will see Ashdown on their screen.

Ashdown’s dream job is to be a reporter for the Columbus Blue Jackets since they are his favorite hockey team. He would also love to be able to host a podcast covering their team that would feature game recaps and player interviews.  

Besides the writing and the people on The Griffin, Ashdown feels it’s a good stepping stone towards his future goals. He noted that The Griffin has helped him fine tune his reporting and writing skills which will help him in journalism jobs later in life. Ashdown said, “I have a passion for writing about sports, so I figured it would give me the experience I need to do what I want.”

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