Meet The Editors: Cam Lareva

Going From news editor to engagement editor, Cam Lareva brings a new new idea The Griffin has never seen before.

Engagement Cam Lareva used his knowledge as news editor sophomore year to further his engagement ideas that will allow The Griffin to interact with students.

Getting involved in college gives students an opportunity to make new friends, learn new skills and find what means most to you. For Engagement Editor Cam Lareva, it did just that. 

Lareva is a senior majoring in sociology, and joined The Griffin his freshman year of college. He came to campus with previous experience as editor-in-chief of his high school newspaper, and knew because of this, he would fit in. He attended the first general body meeting and was instantly attracted to news. 

“My first article for The Griffin was about new changes to the dining hall. I can’t remember exactly, but I think it was when they added the new infused water station,” Lareva said. 

After he had written a couple of articles there was a switch up in the editorial staff and the position of assistant news editor became open. After Lareva was encouraged to take the position, he did so, and became an editor as a freshman. 

Lareva soon went on to become news editor sophomore year. Along with news editor, Lareva took on positions in other clubs as well; he’s been president of RHA, event assistant for SPB and secretary for Tri-Beta biological honors society. In being so involved Lareva learned about his skill sets, as well as where true friends were. 

“I’m very proud of myself for accomplishing a year as news editor. It’s not an easy thing. In looking back at some of the things I covered, I was questioning administration and pushing for answers without backing down. It can get very uncomfortable sometimes,” Lareva said.

In Lareva’s new role as engagement editor he plans to focus on taking The Griffin social media platform to a new professional level. He plans on creating an app that will allow The Griffin to share articles, podcasts and photojournalism. 

“This app would run as a Twitter and Instagram hybrid. It will also let students interact with The Griffin. It’s meant to be something that can connect students on a different level. It also opens up a possibility to connect with different clubs on campus,” Lareva said.

Clubs on campus would be able to host events through the app with interactive features. A couple clubs Lareva plans on collaborating with would be GriffTV and The Wire. He would be able to help publish their content on the app, or even be able to give them pages just as he would to the different sections of the newspaper. 

Another use for the app Lareva hopes for is updating the students when issues on campus arise. Organizations like Public Safety and Student Life would be able to reach out to users with push notifications, contacting students faster than the normal email.

“I really think this is something that can happen and I would love for this to get rolled out this year. I kind of view it as my project to leave behind. I believe that typically when people are involved they all have that one thing they do for campus and I want this to be mine,” Lareva said.

Aside from creating this app, one of his favorite things he has done with The Griffin was traveling to a journalism conference in California his freshman year. During his time there he made friendships he never expected that still remain today. He even lived off campus with two of the people from this trip. 

In all four years here on campus, he has learned about what it takes to accomplish a various amount of things in such little time, but to him what matters now is what makes him happy. His membership at The Griffin is what reminds him of the importance of using your skills to become great at what you love versus spreading yourself thin in multiple other tasks.

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