Majority of Canisius undergrads support Biden, poll shows, but not without some reservations

According to a poll conducted by The Griffin, Joe Biden has a sizable lead on incumbent Donald Trump among Canisius undergraduates. However, the respondents were critical of both candidates and the United States’ two-party system.

A majority of Canisius undergraduate students said they plan to vote for Joe Biden on Tuesday’s election according to a recent poll by The Griffin, but not without reservations about the Democratic candidate. 

Of the 348 responses The Griffin received, 214 respondents (61.5%) said they were planning to vote for Joe Biden. 105 (30.2%) said they will vote for incumbent Republican Donald Trump. Eight plan to vote for Libertarian candidate Jo Jorgensen (2.3%), five plan to vote for Green candidate Howie Hawkins (1.8%), and one respondent said they will support Independent Kanye West (0.3%). 

Five respondents (1.4%) said they were still unsure of their pick, and 10 respondents (2.9%) said they were not voting in this election. 

Though the majority of respondents supported Biden, several were critical of both candidates in the poll’s anonymous comments section. A common view was that Biden was a “lesser of two evils” and that he was not respondents’ first choice. 

“I’m settling for Joe Biden because Donald Trump has proven multiple times that he is not fit for this position,” wrote one respondent. Another expressed a similar sentiment. “I don’t believe that Joe is the best candidate the Democratic Party has to offer, but I think he is a smart individual who has the American people’s interests at heart.”

Some refused to compromise for Biden or Trump and planned to vote third party. 

“I cannot bring myself morally or politically to vote for either Joe Biden or Donald Trump, so I am voting for a third party candidate that seems like a better person and actually lines up more consistently with my political views. In my opinion, the two party system is derogatory for the country at this point,” one respondent wrote in the comments section. 

“Can’t believe my two options are both rapists who want more cops. I’m voting for the Green Party because, thanks to the electoral college, my individual vote really doesn’t feel like it matters since I live in a really blue state, so I’ll use my vote to show that I want these progressive values that people like Hawkins are working for,” another respondent said. 

Supporters of President Trump pointed to his management of the economy and a distrust of Biden’s tax plan as a reason for his reelection. “Biden will drown us in taxes and kill jobs,” wrote one. 

“This election should be focused primarily on what each candidate offers and their plan on the nation. As in taxes, we have yet to hear about them, but from Biden’s plan, it sounds expensive and I know I will not vote for someone who will raise them just for the agenda of a select few, this is what people should know to vote what they believe in, not who they are bullied into believing in,” another said. 

Biden has stated multiple times that he will raise taxes if elected, but only for those making $400,000 or more yearly, according to the Wall Street Journal

Meanwhile, the economy had been strong under President Trump with CNN reporting 76 straight months of job growth with a 10-year low unemployment rate of 4.7%. However, the COVID-19 pandemic led to the worst job loss record of any president in September. The economy has recovered about half of those jobs lost. 

Several respondents were also critical of the United States’ two-party system and hoped that they would be able to change this in the future to open up the election to more third-party candidates. 

“The fact that our boy George Washington said, ‘Don’t do a two-party system’ and we’re stuck with a two-party system is some BS. It’s time for change, and I think our generation is going to make it,” one respondent wrote.

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