Griffashion fashionista of the week: Lauren Schifley

For our second installment of Griffashion we interviewed Canisius sophomore Lauren Schifley who discussed her love for makeup, floral crowns, and bright colors that show off her creativity.

Schifley rocks a floral jacket along with black high-waisted jeans and high heels from Kohl’s topped off with cherry earrings from Forever 21 and a jeweled hair clip.

Artistic and creative, Lauren Schifley shows off her creative side through the different pieces in her wardrobe with bright colors or loud patterns that coincide with her love for makeup.

She said her style has evolved with time throughout her life and she has experimented with lots of different styles in the past that boost her confidence as she wears what she wants.

“I like to add an element of fun to my outfits like at least one piece in every outfit that’s just like a good time; like you see it and you smile,” Schifley said.

From her favorite hot pink sweater to her signature floral crowns, she loves to have fun with what she’s wearing. Schifley likes to add a twist to her looks by experimenting with makeup whether it be some winged eyeliner or a bright shade of lipstick.

As a digital media arts and integrated marketing double major at Canisius, Schifley thoroughly enjoys what she does and loves to use her creative talents to her advantage. From designing the layout of The Griffin or Quadrangle to painting along with her dad to Bob Ross tutorials, she said she is really passionate about all the creative work she does. 

Even her family has recognized her spunk and her mom likes to call her a “funk queen.” Schifley mentioned that her family said that she takes after her great-grandma Marv who was known for wearing elaborate outfits finished off with gaudy jewelry pieces. They claim that Schifley is the reincarnation of her great-grandma and she is proud of it. 

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