Five Undergraduate Student Association freshmen senators elected

Five freshmen senators were elected this week to the Undergraduate Student Association senate. Get to know the new senators:

Rami Daham

Daham is a business economics major with a minor in political sciences. He hopes to become a politician later on in life.

Rami Daham

“I wish to be an active listener of my peers…finding new ways to reach out and hear the ideas from our class that could make their college adjustment just that much easier whether they’re residential, online or a commuter,” Daham said.

He hopes to bring a new perspective to the Undergraduate Student Association (USA), while also making sure changes to improve the campus are executed quickly and responsibly.  

With the future ahead, Daham said he feels really hopeful and is humbled that he was chosen by his peers for this position.

Jillian Galanti 

Jillian Galanti

Galanti is a criminal justice major with a minor in Spanish. She is also a part of the women’s lacrosse team.

“I can better represent the freshman class by increasing my interactions with numerous different kinds of people across campus, and not just individuals whom I share common interests with, but rather making sure I am branching out and interacting with all types of different people,” Galanti said. 

In this position, she wants to ensure that all students’ needs are met in order to garner a reputation of being trustworthy and approachable.

She heard about this position through one of her teammates, Anna Ziemba, who is a sophomore senator this year. After finding out that she won, she said she was humbled and was happy to have to oppourunity and is ready to start making a difference.

Elizabeth Hertz 

Elizabeth Hertz

Hertz is majoring in accounting and accounting information systems. She is also on the women’s rowing team as a coxswain. 

“I love getting to know people, and I can’t wait to represent all of those people,” Hertz said. 

With hopes to make the best of this term, she hopes that she can make this academic year better through her position for her fellow freshman. 

Hertz said she decided to run for this position because she was a part of the student council in high school and she enjoyed it. She came across this opportunity, and decided to run for the position and was really excited when she heard the news.

Sean O’Brien

O’Brien is a business and management major with hopes to try out for club baseball next year.

“I hope to help people with their concerns during the pandemic and to add to a culture [at Canisius] based [on] Jesuit values, especially cura personalis,” O’Brien said. 

O’Brien said he wanted to be involved during his time at Canisius and thought that joining USA was a perfect opportunity. Overall, he’s really excited he was chosen for this position.

Avery Penoyer 

Avery Penoyer

Penoyer is a health and wellness major and is from Syracuse, N.Y. She also plays on the women’s lacrosse team.

“I want to ensure that [the] campus is a safe and happy environment for each and every student,” Penoyer said. “One thing that being on a team has showed me [is] that we are all in this together and nobody should ever have to feel alone.”

Penoyer decided to run for this position because she wanted the voices of students to be heard. To do so, she plans on attending lots of events at Canisius and to stay involved to get to know the community better and to see where improvements can be made.

She’s grateful for this opportunity and promises to not let anyone down.

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