Fall Fest 2020: socially distant success

Canisius’ SPB was able to put on a great Fall Fest despite facing challenges from the weather and COVID-19

Canisius students enjoy the 2020 Fall Fest, Photos by Anna Cryan

This past Saturday, Canisius’ Student Programming Board (SPB) held their annual Fall Fest which included socially distanced events like bull riding, basket raffles, food trucks and snack stands.

Despite there being some rain and having to implement activities that are COVID-19 appropriate, SPB was able to pull off an exciting Fall Fest that many students attended and enjoyed.

For food, Canisius student’s favorite food trucks stopped by with a lunch option at Cheesy Chick including mac and cheese, grilled cheese and a great vegan option. For dessert, Sweet Melody’s food truck came serving delicious cups of gelato, which students always look forward to.

To go with the fall theme, there were socially distant stands all around the quad stretching from in front of Palisano to the front of Old Main. One stand served homemade kettle corn that was being made and packaged right there under the tent, as well as stands with fresh apple cider and delicious candy apples.  

Even with all of the food Fall Fest had, there were also other activities that were great to do with friends. Giant cornhole was a great socially distant game, axe throwing helped students get some of their frustrations out, and bull riding was a good way to compete with each other. 

Students were able to take with them a free Canisius mug with a pumpkin spice latte mix inside, as well as a pumpkin they got to decorate themselves and many fall photos at the fall themed picture spot. 

Arguably the best part of this year’s Fall Fest was the basket raffle every student could partake in. About 15 baskets were made, each with a different theme and popular prizes inside. Some that caught many people’s eyes were the Buffalo Bills and Sabres-themed baskets as well as fall-themed baskets packed with candles and other decorations.

Despite the difficulties SPB faced in putting this event together whether it was the unexpected rain or the COVID-19 guidelines, they were still able to make Fall Fest as fun as it has been in previous years due to the great food and fun activities. 

After talking with other students who attended Fall Fest, most agreed that the measures in place made it safe for everyone to be able to still enjoy Fall Fest like any other year. 

One student, sophomore Hannah Fischer, felt that Fall Fest was different but for necessary reasons. “I definitely thought Fall Fest was different this year because all of the activities were spread out throughout the quad so social distancing could be enforced,” she said. 

She noted that social distance measures had some perks that students had not seen last year such as shorter lines. “There weren’t large crowds congregating or long lines like last year because everyone was so spaced out. They did a nice job of keeping everyone distanced and it even reduced the lines and waiting times for the food trucks, which was super nice!” she said. 

Although this pandemic has brought about many changes in daily life at Canisius, SPB was able to make an event safe yet still similar to previous years so that students can escape the craziness of classes and homework, even if it’s just for a few hours.

Lucky for students who were looking for a way to have fun with friends on Saturday instead of worrying about upcoming assignments and midterms just for a couple of hours, SPB put on a great event with activities made for everyone despite all of the barriers they faced. 

In a year like 2020 students are just looking for ways to distract themselves from everything happening so that they could just have one day of fun. For Canisius students, SPB’s Fall Fest was a great way to do just that.

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