Canisius receives high marks across the board: U.S. News & World Report ranked Canisius high in multiple different areas

President John J. Hurley spoke with news reporter, Natalie Faas, about Canisius’ recent rankings.

Canisius secured top marks all across the U.S. News & World Report’s 2021 rankings of Best Colleges and Universities lists. (Griffin File Photo)

By Natalie Faas

In September, Canisius College was ranked number one in New York in the U.S. News & World Report’s 2021 list for the best value schools.

In previous years, Canisius has ranked high on this list; however, this is the first time the college has secured the top spot.

“You know, when you use the word value, it doesn’t just mean the price, it means the quality that you get for the price that you pay,” President John J. Hurley said. “And, and frankly, we think that’s, that’s a very strong message about Canisius College, and outstanding, high quality education for what is a very affordable price.”

Along with receiving the title of best value in New York, Canisius also earned multiple high ranks in other sections such as number one in Western New York, number two in New York and among the top 7% nationwide on the “Best Undergraduate Accounting Programs.” list. 

Similarly, on the list of  “Best Undergraduate Finance Programs,” Canisius ranked number one in Western New York, number four in New York State and among the top 6% nationwide. 

When asked about Canisius’ most notable achievement, President Hurley said, “the one that brought us worldwide attention was when the Chartered Financial Analysts research challenge team won the global championship. And that was yet, almost 800 schools participated from around the world. And we ended up number one in the world. So that that’s a great accomplishment.”

President Hurley also mentioned the continued excellence of the accounting program and referenced how each year, consistently, Canisius students have the highest pass rate on the CPA exam, compared to other schools in New York.

While this honor is incredibly important to the college as a whole, President Hurley hopes that it will only continue to spark interest in Canisius and encourage more prospective students to come and visit. 

“The hope for the college is that this message about the high quality of the Canisius education, and the affordable price leads to a lot more students deciding to come to Canisius,” President Hurley said, “we hope all of that will add to increased enrollment, and in a phone, an enhancement of our reputation on a more regional basis.”

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