Canisius opinion and advice podcast rebranded, ANOAF provides commentary you never thought you needed

The Griffin features their news podcast “Advice No One Asked For,” that hopes to give students a way to get away from their everyday stressors.

Wetzel and Hopkins film their first podcast after rebranding to “Advice No One Asked For.”

By Cameron Lareva

Steph Wetzel, ‘21, and Nolan Hopkins, ‘21, revamped the “Two Blondes and a Brunette” podcast into a comical and relatable advice series. The new podcast, “Advice No One Asked For” (ANOAF) features Wetzel and Hopkins’ social commentary on today’s relevant topics. 

The podcast was rebranded due to the departure of one of its members, the “Brunette” Abby Wojcik, ‘20, as she graduated last year. Wetzel and Hopkins both wanted to continue the advice-based podcast but give a fresh title and logo. Wetzel said, “We thought [ANOAF] was sarcastic, funny and fits the aesthetic of our podcast.” 

The series will cover a new topic each episode, and revolve around their personal experiences and opinions. They hope listeners will gain a new perspective or validate one they already have by hearing them share their own stories and views. Wetzel said, “We pick topics that are timely, or timely for us, that we think other people may be going through.”

Wetzel and Hopkins delve into the topic of college during COVID-19 in the first episode of the podcast. They discuss everything they feel has changed due to the pandemic and how they’ve coped with the changes. They extend the topic into the Halloween holiday and provide insights on the frustrations of missing the usual holiday festivities. The co-hosts also vent about enduring their senior year of college while simultaneously living in a pandemic. The duo have a great flow and deliver highly relatable commentary with a refreshing sense of humor. Hopkins said, “Listeners should expect a fun and insightful listen about life, relationships and everything in between from two college seniors.”

The two seniors share common feelings of their time after graduation as COVID-19 has impacted their originals plans. Wetzel, an economics and journalism dual major, plans to pursue a MBA with hopes of working within the nonprofit sector. Hopkins, a communications and journalism dual major with a minor in creative writing, plans to take some time to start getting his name out there within the sphere of public relations and marketing. 

Both Wetzel and Hopkins hope students will tune in and find some comfort in knowing they are not alone in the current struggle of navigating college and a pandemic. Hopkins remarked, “We know no one asked for our advice, but we have plenty to say about anything.” 

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