Meet The Editors: Julia Barth

Meet new Assistant Features Editor Julia Barth, who brings a passion for writing, political science and movies to the staff.

Assistant features editor Juila Barth brings a new perspective to the features team with her blogging and podcasting experience.

Switching majors from education to journalism is just what new Assistant Features Editor Julia Barth needed to kickstart her career here at The Griffin. When coming to the general body meeting The Griffin hosts each year, Julia was drawn to the welcoming editors and thought of writing soft news, also known as features.

Before Canisius, Barth never wrote for her school newspaper but instead spent her time blogging and hosting a podcast with some of her friends. This experience pushed her to join The Griffin her freshman year of college. 

When coming to Canisius Barth planned on studying education to follow in the footsteps of the many educators in her family, but after joining The Griffin that changed. Her passion for writing grew rapidly and Barth realized that she needed to change her major to journalism and political science.

“I started as an education major because I liked the idea of teaching in high school, and because I have a lot of family members involved in teaching, I knew a lot about it. But as I started writing for the paper and taking my classes I realized education would be a safe bet for me and made the decision to switch to journalism and political science. I have been happy ever since,” Barth said.

In her first year writing for The Griffin, Barth wrote a lot of reviews that branched from Canisius events, to community restaurants and movies. But when asking about her favorite article she’s ever written, it started with her very first one where she attended a climate strike. 

“ This was my favorite article I’ve ever written because actually going and interviewing different people there was really amazing. It is also something I’m very passionate about so being there to help make a change really influenced my writing for that article” Barth said. 

This first article inspired Barth to become more involved with The Griffin which led her to applying for assistant features editor. During her time as assistant she plans to broaden her writing skills and get to know more of the people involved with the newspaper. 

When Barth isn’t writing, she spends a lot of her free time with friends in the dorms, participating in the sustainability club on campus, reading some self help books and most importantly watching movies. Barth has come to love the film industry and hopes to one day become involved with it. 

“ I tend to gravitate towards drama and a lot of movies that are up for awards but then of course I always go back to the classics like Twilight. I will normally watch anything people recommend to me.” 

Barth has already thought about the many possibilities she could pursue after college. Her ideas start at working for a newspaper, marketing someones campaign or even becoming a script writer for a film.  In working towards those goals Barth plans to spend her time on campus writing for the newspaper, maybe starting a new podcast and joining Canisius’ radio station, The Wire. 

Her passion for storytelling is the reason she will continue to create numerous stories in the features section and eventually Barth hopes to get the features editor position next year as well as branch out into the different sections The Griffin has to offer. 

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