Canisius students have followed COVID-19 house party rules so far, Beaty says

Whether it’s concern over spreading coronavirus or threats of fines and suspensions, Chief Kim Beaty of Canisius Public Safety says there have been no community complaints about Canisius-related house parties.

Chief Kim Beaty said Tuesday that Canisius students have been good about not hosting large house parties (Mike Pesarchick/The Griffin file photo)

Whether it be concern over spreading COVID-19 or the threat of a hefty fine, Canisius students have been following guidelines by not hosting house parties, according to Chief Kim Beaty of Canisius Public Safety. 

Chief Beaty said Tuesday that there have been no community complaints regarding large gatherings and off-campus activity in the four weeks that Canisius has been in session.  

She told The Griffin earlier in September that parties that were reported the weekend of Aug. 31 were not related to Canisius students, after reviewing the reports of the incidents. 

“Be mindful, there are other local college students that are residing in the Hamlin Park neighborhood. The people at those private properties that may be associated with other institutions of higher learning were advised regarding the law enforcement response to address any quality of life complaints in the area,” Chief Beaty said via email on Sept. 2. 

“Residents of Hamlin [Park] are reporting light-hearted late night chatter by students in relation to Canisius,” she said. 

Chief Beaty also said she met with residents of the Hamlin Park community via Zoom, where she said residents have been satisfied with how Canisius students have been acting. 

“Residents are happy that the students are back and especially that they are being responsible neighbors, in light of COVID-19. Not much noise nor large gatherings by Canisius students have been reported,” she said. 

In addition, Chief Beaty said she, Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Dan Dentino, Assistant Director of Student Life Mark Piatkowski and Athletic Director Bill Maher met with residents in the neighborhood around Canisius and spoke with students from Canisius, Medaille, Buffalo State and the University at Buffalo on Sept. 3 as sort of a “welcome back tour.”

Canisius Public Safety will continue to work with Buffalo Police Department to ensure proper coronavirus protocol is being followed. 

Meanwhile, the UB Spectrum reported on Sept. 6 that UB Police received 19 calls related to COVID-19 violations in the same timeframe from Aug. 23-Sept. 3. The school currently has 67 confirmed active cases on campus. 

Canisius currently has 16 active cases on campus – 11 among resident students and five among commuters. 22 students are in on-campus isolation and 62 are in off-campus isolation. 

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