Letter to the Editor: A poem by Dr. Steven Seegel ’99


My Dear President 

We don’t correspond:

I think that’s a shame.

And now you’ve kept me

Outside of your game.

Just numbers and lives

We’re both with degree

(those lives saved my life) 

Correction, degrees.

I’m sorry to dwell

On old stuff you’ve learned.

You lie to yourself

And good lies are earned. 

Sir, I know what you’ve done.

If you’re a wise guy, 

You’ve covered a track.

It’s just business, right?  

This purge on your back.

If neighbors do care, 

The best suits won’t spare,

More money won’t help 

Less money won’t help

You’ve let me inside 

That story for me.

You’ve ripped out a soul,

That world I can’t see. 

I loved what you loved


Steven Seegel (B.A., History, English, All-College Honors, Canisius ’99) is a Professor of History at the University of Northern Colorado. 

San Diego, California

August 8, 2020 

1 thought on “Letter to the Editor: A poem by Dr. Steven Seegel ’99

  1. Beautifully written and heartbreaking. Graduates who are literate, well read, and critical thinkers succeed in any discipline of study. Technically competent scientists or engineers who are unaware of their place in a wider world will never be innovative or visionary. I also fear that young people who do not know how to argue intellectually or disagree honorably may be ripe for manipulation by carefully edited, emotionally laden sound bites by writers skilled in propaganda,. Rather than informing the public journalists try to influence public opinion to far left or alt right. Pres Hurley apparently has a history degree. If so, he should be well aware of the Marxist playbook so that Canisius alumni can form their opinions based on logic and evidence.

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