Canisius employer-assisted housing program will remain unaffected amid cuts

Canisius will not make changes to its employer-assisted housing program amid budget cuts. The program has assisted 49 employees since 2002.


As Canisius looks to erase a potential $20 million deficit for the 2020-21 school year, one program that has gone unaffected is the employer-assisted housing program, according to a college spokesperson.

The program, which was established by Canisius in 2002 and was the first of its kind in Western New York, provides employees with forgivable loans if they purchase a home in neighborhoods that surround Canisius. 

Canisius has assisted 49 college employees through these programs through this program, although at least one professor that utilized the program was laid off as part of the now-expected 27 layoffs of faculty members.

The value of the properties purchased by school employees in these neighborhoods amounts to $7,768,672, and the loans given to employees through the program adds up to $270,250, according to a school-issued pamphlet. 

Canisius is one of two colleges in Buffalo that offer an employer-assisted housing program, the other being University at Buffalo.

1 thought on “Canisius employer-assisted housing program will remain unaffected amid cuts

  1. Would like to see the president’s salary cut to zero – actually terminate him. That will make up a chunk of money as obviously to amass a $12 million – 20 million deficit during his tenure speaks volumes for his poor leadership skills. Perhaps he should have paid more attention to the bottom line at Canisius instead of using his time to lead the ousting of the Buffalo Bishop ( which I fully support but when in such critical financial times the president should work for the college first).

    I don’t understand the details of all the homes and buildings Canisius owns from the 1990’s around the school but liquidating these buildings; firing Hurley and making other cuts at the top may bridge some of the gap.

    To gut programs is not the answer.
    What happened to the new teacher training program at the master’s level that was just advertised ( about 2 years ago)? Education seems like a program that is viable yet teachers are cut. And why a new PA program with a coordinator on staff well before the program is ready for students? Why not clean up the mess first before doing this?

    Our daughter received a quality education with great leadership opportunities – 2020.
    My husband and I are graduates of the master’s level education programs.

    Hate to see Canisius going downhill.

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