Canisius alumni, former faculty and staff form ‘Movement to Restore Trust in Canisius’

A group of concerned alumni, faculty and staff have formed a group dedicated to working towards more transparency and better handling of layoffs from the administration:

A group of concerned alumni along with current faculty and students have formed the Movement to Restore Trust in Canisius, according to a statement released Monday.

The group’s mission is “to give voice to students, alumni, faculty, staff, benefactors, and other community members who share our frustration and alarm about the state of the college,” according to its website, 

Members are advocating for “complete transparency” regarding financials, enrollment, curriculum and other aspects of management, from President John Hurley and the Board of Trustees. 

The movement also is critical of the administration’s handling of faculty layoffs, saying cuts should be made strategically and through a process of “true shared governance … with a commitment to transparency.” 

Dr. Daniel Ryan, a Canisius alumnus and former administrator who is a member of the movement’s Organizing Committee, clarified that the Movement to Restore Trust is not calling for President Hurley’s resignation, like the Faculty Welfare Committee and the American Association of University Professors already has. 

“It is our goal to cut through the noise and arrive collectively at some recommendations that will find support through the broad Canisius Community,” said Dr. Ryan in Monday’s release. 

“These problems were not caused by President Hurley, but without significant changes to the governance structure of the college, and without meaningful and substantial input from stakeholders, it won’t matter who the President is—the school that we all hold in such high regard will not survive.”

The release adds that the movement consists of “leading members of the Western New York business community, prominent college alumni, and esteemed current and former faculty and staff.”

The name is a play on the Movement to Restore Trust in the Diocese of Buffalo, which advocated for the resignation of ex-Bishop Richard Malone amid the sex abuse crisis in the Buffalo Diocese.

President Hurley is a member of that group’s organizing council. 

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