The Counseling Center and Griff Center are here to help students virtually

The Counseling Center and Griff Center are offering virtual sessions to continue to help students. There are also numerous other ways you can improve your mental health during this time.

Counselors at Canisius Counseling Center, along with other staff members, are doing everything to help you in this unknown time.

Finding ways to tackle Mental Health

During this unprecedented time, our mental health can be compromised and leave us wondering what to do in looking for the slightest bit of peace and happiness. Luckily, there are many resources offered to the Canisius College students in their online academic journey and different things you can do in helping yourself. 

Understanding that everyone is tackling the anxiety of the coronavirus differently is something that the Counseling Center emphasizes, and they are offering virtual sessions to help those in need of someone to talk to.

The Counseling Center offers four counselors to work with during any students’ time of need. The counselors are easily reachable by phone or email.

Along with the Counseling Center, the Griff Center is offering help to those who are struggling with their academics in an online setting. 

If you are uncomfortable talking with someone, there are plenty of other ways to stimulate your brain and escape into a happy, calm place. For example, you could grab a new book you have been dying to read but haven’t been able to commit due to the stresses of school. Reading helps lower anxiety and boosts self esteem while taking you into a new unknown world.

Once you are done with that new book, you can take a quick walk outside or grab the dusty bike in the corner and go for a bike ride. According to UNC Health Talk, walking or being outside can reduce anxiety and depression because different parts of the brain activate in nature. Along with mental health, this can also help your physical health which leads to changes in heart rate and blood pressure.

Finally, after reading that book and going outside you can move back inside, get into comfy clothes and take the time to do yoga. We may not be able to go anywhere, but “Yoga with Adriene” on YouTube offers classes for all different skill levels. According to Healthline, yoga can decrease stress, relieve anxiety, could promote sleep quality and more. In addition to these benefits, there are many physical attributes yoga can help with. 

During this time focusing on yourself and your mental health is important in finding the happy side that gets caught up in the negative. Along with these three little tips, there are many other hobbies you can pick up to increase your mental and physical health. 

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