Meet USA and HSA’s new E-Board members for the 2020-2021 academic year

Get to know the new executive boards for the Undergraduate Student Association and the Honors Student Association at Canisius:

Recently, Patrick Eugeni was awarded the position as president of the Undergraduate Student Association, while Zach Lundy was given the position as president for the Honors Student Association.

Canisius’ Undergraduate Student Association (USA) has announced its new executive board for next year. The positions that have been filled are president, executive vice president, vice president of business and finance, and vice president of marketing & public relations. 

The president of USA for next year is junior biology major Patrick Eugeni. Eugeni wants to increase USA’s transparency and visibility on campus so that students will feel more comfortable coming to them with any concerns.

“It is so important that everyone feels welcome on this campus, and I want to foster a safe and accepting community for every student,” Eugeni said.

Part of this effort, said Eugeni, is to hopefully establish a website for USA in order to give students an easier way to contact them. Above all, Eugeni said that he wants to “make sure I am always a president that is for & with others at Canisius.”

Claire Rosenecker, a junior majoring in economics, finance, and management, is going to be the executive vice president of USA for next year. Rosenecker says that she is really passionate about the work that USA does around campus as well as the bond that they share as a group.

“I hope to ensure that USA runs as efficiently as possible, both internally and externally,” Rosenecker said. 

In order to accomplish this, Rosenecker said that she plans to work closely with each of the committee chairs as well as the rest of the new executive board.

The position of vice-president of business and finance will once again be held by James Garvey, a junior majoring in political science and pre-law. Garvey feels that this position is the best way for him to serve the student body and help people achieve the best college experience that they can. 

“I also plan to change the way initial allocations are distributed by having clubs submit a rough year-long budget and essentially have them appeal that way for their initial allocation during the summer before our classes resume,” Garvey said. 

Garvey plans to keep a smaller finance board like he did last year as he feels that it makes meetings more efficient and keeps board members more engaged. 

Justin Brown will be the new vice president of marketing and public relations (VPMPR) for the upcoming year. Brown is a freshman majoring in integrated marketing communication with a minor in criminal justice. 

“I want to work to increase engagement across the board for campus events,” Brown said. 

Brown has three goals as VPMPR: to increase student engagement at campus events, work with the council of representatives to assist other clubs with their marketing, and to increase the student body’s awareness of what Senate is doing throughout the year. 

The Honors Student Association (HSA) is another prominent club on campus that has announced its board for next year. 

The HSA executive board will be: President Zach Lundy, Vice President Anna Gullo, Treasurer Abby Bradley, Secretary Erik Pawelski, and Communications Chair Lily Wozniak. 

Lundy is a sophomore majoring in mathematics, statistics and psychology with a minor in industrial and organizational psychology. 

HSA will be making changes to their mentorship program in order to help the incoming freshmen, says Lundy. Lundy also says that he wants to focus on events to restore the community after this difficult time and further the service opportunities that HSA partakes in.

“I hope to bring new ideas and work diligently to enhance the community and experience of the Honors program,” Lundy said.

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