Canisius students discuss their experience at home

Canisius students, such as Marissa Brandel and John Federice, are finding ways to adjust to online learning and being quarantined.

Marissa Brandel continues to share Canisius pride through social media all while taking the time to do homework and connect with her family.

John Federice spends his time at home completing instagram challenges to spread positivity throughout the Canisius community. 

About a month ago, all Canisius College students were informed that classes would be moving online and residence halls would be cleared out due to COVID-19. Since then, there have been four weeks of online instruction, social media campaigns for clubs around campus have taken off and the entire Canisius community is trying their best to stay connected with their friends that they cannot see. 

To see what living during this situation looks like for some Canisius students directly, Marissa Brandel and John Federice were willing to share how their experience has been going with online classes, staying connected to Canisius and staying positive throughout it all. Brandel is a freshman senator at Canisius, and is also president of the Commuter Student Association (CSA). Federice is a freshman senator for Canisius as well. 

Brandel and Federice have both transitioned fairly well to online instruction. Both students note that although they prefer face to face instruction, online classes have not been too difficult to adjust to. Brandel is very pleased that all of her professors have been so accommodating and willing to meet virtually for questions and concerns since she liked to be in contact with them while at school. Federice, on the other hand, is a little discouraged that some of his professors are behind in the technology department as it makes his learning somewhat difficult. 

Since both Brandel and Federice are freshmen senators on Canisius’ Undergraduate Student Association (USA), they have had an active role in staying connected with the Canisius community. The Canisius USA Instagram account has been creating games online such as virtual bingos and other interactive activities. Brandel and Federice have also been using Zoom to attend meetings and talk to friends to stay connected to the Canisius community.

When asked about how she is staying positive in light of her situation, Brandel said she will often watch the news to stay updated on ways she can help with slowing down the spread. Her favorite show to watch to pass the time right now is Grey’s Anatomy, and she is also spending a lot of quality time with her family. They play board games, cook dinner and make homemade masks to send to front line workers in New York City and family members around Buffalo. Brandel hopes everyone in the Canisius community is staying safe, contacting their friends and watching the news to stay updated with government regulations. 

Federice is staying positive by staying connected. He keeps in contact with his friends daily over text, and will often FaceTime them just to catch up. Federice’s message to the Canisius community is to stay positive and stay indoors. He is still going to work and sees a lot of people who are not taking this situation seriously. He hopes everyone in the Canisius community is aware that they should be staying home to stop the spread. 

Although the country does not know when this will all be over, it is best that everyone stays positive and stays connected with their friends and family. Staying safe and staying home is the best thing everyone can do during this unprecedented time. 

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