Students in Village Townhouses complain of mice infestation

A mouse problem in the Village Townhouses on campus have brought a host of problems to residents such as basketball player D’jhai Patterson-Ricks, who talked to The Griffin about the issue:

The Village Townhouses, pictured above on Thursday, Jan. 30, have a mice problem. (Mike Pesarchick)

By Cam Lareva, News Reporter

Students have voiced multiple complaints regarding that mice in the Village Townhouses during this semester that have caused some students to move to different dorms because of the mice.

Residents of the townhouses,  such as senior communications major and member of the women’s basketball team D’jhai Patterson-Ricks have reported widespread issues of mice in the residence buildings She recently moved out of her apartment in Village building B and into a Dugan single, due to the mice problem present in her building and apartment. 

She first encountered mice outside of her building, near the entrances; however, she eventually had them in her apartment as well. 

“They knew about the mice infestation and they didn’t inform anyone that lived in [Village Townhouses],” Patterson-Ricks said and claims that the administration knew of the mice issue and was frustrated with the lack of communication to residents.

Patterson-Ricks’ breaking point occurred approximately two weeks ago when she heard rustling in her room, eventually calling Public Safety, who discovered a mouse in the apartment. Following this incident, Patterson-Ricks’ worked with the office of Student Life to find a different housing option. 

Patterson-Ricks’ friend, who has since moved to a new housing option, lived in the Village building A, and also experienced issues with finding mice in her kitchen drawers. 

Her teammates have also both seen mice droppings in their apartments within the past month. 

“Student Life is aware of and responding to issues related to mice following the established protocol for the campus. We continue to work with exterminators on a weekly basis to treat the area and inspect apartments as warranted,” said Al Pilato, associate director of housing. 

Pilato plans to continue to educate and asks students and residents to submit works orders if they suspect any activity. He also advises students to make sure to remove trash from resident halls, to not leave food out and to make sure to remove animal waste from service and emotional support animals.

“With everyone working together I am confident the problem will be resolved, as it has been in the past each time we have encountered it,” Pilato said.

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