Senate discusses soft open for Palisano

The Undergraduate Student Association Senate announced that Palisano will debut its new gym space with a soft opening on March 9

The Undergraduate Student Association (USA) met Tuesday, March 3 and discussed the progress of construction in Palisano, budget allocations and upcoming events. 

Senator John Federice asked why the gym in Palisano, which was slated to have a soft open on Monday, March 2, was not open yet. The new date for the soft open is Monday, March 9. 

The staff working there will be undergraduate students, Richard Kennedy said, and this week was for their training. Kennedy said that there are still some last-minute things that have to be done, including fixing the south stairwell, training the staff, and getting an AED.

The other detail that they are still trying to work out is whether or not to have a secondary swipe for the gym in order to get more accurate data on how many people are using the new facility and what times are most popular. 

Kennedy said that the hours for the facility will be 6 a.m.-11 p.m. during the week and 11 a.m.-6 p.m. on the weekends. There will be a formal opening at an undetermined point in the near future.

Two budget appeals were approved from Circle K and Pep Band. Circle K was approved for $135.43, and Pep Band was approved for $180.00. 

There was a discussion on whether or not to fund the national dues for SigEp ($1,800). Senator Ryan Boorum motioned to table the discussion until the next meeting because there weren’t enough details to make an informed decision on the matter. 

Vice President of Business and Finance James Garvey said that there is roughly $76,000 left in the allocation pool.

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