Resurgence Brewing Company, another brewery that pleases Buffalo residents

Buffalo breweries continue to thrive, one of those being Resurgence Brewing Company that now has two locations with memorable craft beers, cocktails and food.

The new menu on Chicago Street offers customers a variety of food options that will satisfy hunger and leave the customer excited for the next time.

From sponge candy stout to the classic beef on weck, Resurgence Brewing Company brings out the best in Buffalo while providing a classy yet modern atmosphere attracting every personality the community of Buffalo has to offer. According to their website, their mission is to “Experience beer. To be the industry standard of providing high quality, small batch craft beer and spirits in a city of neighbors community gathering environment.”

The owner of Resurgence, Jeff Ware, opened up their first location on Niagara Street in 2014. When deciding the name of the company Ware wanted it to relate to what was happening in Buffalo with the “beer scene.” During this period Buffalo had been introduced to a bunch of now popular breweries. One of those being Big Ditch. The Niagara location offers all of their famous craft beers and cocktails along with a small pub style menu.

Ware began his career in sales of craft beer which soon led to his love for different types of beers and brewery like atmospheres. He soon began to develop forms of Resurgence’s famous beers “Sponge Candy Stout” and “Loganberry Wit” in his very own kitchen using different kitchen tools to make the brewing system. This love he developed led to the determination to make a brewery of his own. 

Once the location on Niagara Street began to grow, Ware opened another location on Chicago Street in 2019. This location has boomed ever since opening and offers Resurgence regulars an opportunity to mix up locations whenever necessary. This location is set up so there is both a bar space open to anyone and a restaurant space with full service and a bigger menu.

The menu offers a range of food including tacos, fried pickles, burgers and ice cream sandwiches. One burger worth your time is the Chicago Street burger. This burger is simple yet satisfying. It has American cheese, thousand island dressing, onion, lettuce and pickles on a potato roll and is served with a side of fries. This burger works with any drink of your choice, considering your age allows it. 

Once dinner is finished customers can walk into the bar space which has tables available for any customers to grab with a group of friends. This gives the perfect atmosphere to bring out the community in Buffalo and gives customers the opportunity to make memories with friends and family. 

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