Meet this week’s fashionista featured in Griffashion, Simon Pratt, who discusses how he ensembles his favorite looks.

Pratt is wearing a turtleneck purchased from Amazon paired with ripped jeans from American Eagle along with a floral bomber jacket and a set of chelsea boots.

Fashionista: Simon Pratt

Some words of advice from senior and biology major at Canisius, Simon Pratt, came across which have encouraged him to purchase items that push comfortability levels that in turn increases his confidence and allows him to step out of boundaries set by fashion.

With limitations in place, he says you don’t have to go crazy with it, but this tactic helps build confidence through pieces that can even break stigmas concerning the dichotomy between feminine and masculine style.

“My style kinda says that like I’m not afraid to try new things. I’m not afraid to kind of push the boundaries on what would be considered normal fashion-wise, especially for me as a man,” Pratt said. “I try, and kind of push on that quote and quote femininity side of my style a lot.”

His closet is full of floral patterns and a crop top he bought that encourages him to be more confident in himself and allows him to express who he truly is. Pratt said he is still working on this but plans to progressively push these boundaries on fashion even more through different pieces.

“I just love to express myself in the way I look, and so just trying to encourage other people to do something different,” Pratt said.

Pratt shared that he has two older brothers who inspired him to care more about what his style presents to the world. He said that it’s important to be conscious about what you’re wearing because it has an effect on people, especially in a professional setting.

He also gathers some inspiration from the internet from websites like Reddit and even websites that build outfits by selecting preferences and inserting different pieces in his closet to create a look.

“Whenever I built an outfit, the main thing that I look for is that I build an outfit around a specific piece,” Pratt said.

Pratt takes pieces from his wardrobe, such as his favorite black turtleneck featured in Griffashion, to create his looks centered around certain pieces. He enjoys shopping at TJ Maxx or H&M to find affordable pieces to create his looks that range from streetwear to a modern-professional style. 

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