This week in Senate: Upcoming Love Week events and update on Reddy Bike contract

Love Week will celebrate love in all forms during the Valentine’s Day season. From LGBTQ+ resources and Buffalo sports games to a CRAM Course guide and donations to Petey’s Pantry, love will be in the air at Canisius next week.

Director of the Counseling Center Eileen Niland spoke at the Feb. 4 senate meeting. She presented about what the counseling center is, where they’re located, and she opened up a discussion about collaboration possibilities between senate and the Counseling Center. 

“The Counseling Center staff wants to make sure that students, but particularly student leaders, know who we are and what we do,” Niland said. “There’s no reason that staff and student leaders can’t collaborate. There’s no reason why we can’t work together.”

From there, the regular scheduled agenda continued with appeals from clubs. Digital Media Arts (DMA), PAD, Honors, Mock Trial, and Society of Pre-Health had appeals this week. 

DMA’s appeal for guest speakers, pizza, t-shirts, a Toronto trip, Addy Awards, and Wordcamp was approved.

PAD, Honors, and Mock Trial had a combined appeal for their trip to D.C., which was approved.

The Society of Pre-Health appealed for their D.C. trip and their remote area medical trip. For the remote trip, the senate only approved funding for the cost of transportation because that was the precedent set last year. Housing and food costs will be covered by the Pre-Health department. Everything else on their appeal was approved. 

One of the major events highlighted during the meeting was Love Week hosted by the Student Interest Committee. Senator Victoria Fish explained that Love Week is this upcoming week to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

“The motivation behind the week is to really emphasize love in various forms, love for love, love for self, love for community, and love for campus,” Fish explained. “My motivation was to bring as many parties together and spread love and pride all throughout the week. I sought the help of several different organizations to re-emphasize the fact that as a campus community, when we work in collaboration we can boost positive student engagement and interaction. When we work together, we can make amazing things happen on a grand scale!”

On Monday, Unity will be promoting LGBTQ+ resources around Buffalo, sharing general facts and definitions associated with the LGBTQ+ community such as the use of pronouns, and potentially safe relationship materials.

On Tuesday, Student Interests has put together the CRAM Course guide, promoting different aspects of Step Out Buffalo, sharing a list of Buffalo attractions such as various museums, their cost, and what attracts people to them. They’re also compiling a list of home sports games for the Sabres, Bandits and Bisons.

On Wednesday, Happiness in Progress is putting on a photo campaign where participating students will be rewarded with cookies or lollipops.

On Thursday, C-Block will be giving out tickets to the basketball and hockey games taking place on Friday, Jan. 14. Petey will be present, and if you take a picture with Petey and share it tagging C-Block and USA, you will receive a 10% off coupon to the bookstore.

Throughout the week, stickers will be given out, Crush Cans will be sold for $2 with all proceeds going towards Petey’s Pantry, and students who purchase a can will be entered in a raffle for coupons for a movie and dinner to further celebrate Valentine’s Day! Cans can be picked up on Friday in the USA office, and students who receive a message will be emailed instructions on how to pick it up.

Lastly, the Reddy Bikeshare contract conversation was brought up again by Rich Kennedy. The contract between Reddy Bike and Canisius is being reevaluated, but not completely terminated. Student Life will be reaching out to Reddy Bike soon with a list of concerns and the hope that the relationship can grow from there.

“I think the agreement with Reddy is still useful even if it shows right now that they didn’t reach the interest we intended or expected,” Kennedy said. “It still shows a lot of usage, and I think that pending support from Reddy can still be a very viable option. I think a partnership would want to be well maintained.”

The next senate meeting will take place on Tuesday, Feb. 11 at 7 p.m.

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